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@@ -46,6 +46,17 @@ Octokit.repo('pengwynn/octokit'))
=> <#Hashie::Rash created_at="2009/12/10 13:41:49 -0800" description="Simple Ruby wrapper for the GitHub API and feeds" fork=false forks=25 has_downloads=true has_issues=true has_wiki=true homepage="" integrate_branch="master" language="Ruby" name="octokit" open_issues=8 owner="pengwynn" private=false pushed_at="2011/05/05 10:48:57 -0700" size=1804 url="" watchers=92>
+### List the commits for a repository
+# or
+=> [#<Hashie::Mash author=#<Hashie::Mash avatar_url="" gravatar_id="7e19cd5486b5d6dc1ef90e671ba52ae0" id=865 login="pengwynn" url=""> commit=#<Hashie::Mash author=#<Hashie::Mash date="2012-10-31T15:17:51Z" email="" name="Wynn Netherland"> comment_count=0 committer=#<Hashie::Mash date="2012-10-31T15:17:51Z" email="" name="Wynn Netherland"> message="Fix bug with archive_link for private repo" tree=#<Hashie::Mash sha="49bf2a476aa819f29b0fc1a8805f7567f010006d" url=""> url=""> committer=#<Hashie::Mash avatar_url="" gravatar_id="7e19cd5486b5d6dc1ef90e671ba52ae0" id=865 login="pengwynn" url=""> parents=[#<Hashie::Mash sha="7a67f4b47791cb77de33e491df87cef06012c79f" url="">] sha="8db3df37fad3a021eb8036b007c718149836cb32" url="">, ... , ...]
## Authenticated Requests
For methods that require authentication, you'll need to setup a client with
your login and password.
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