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Apr 07, 2011
Joseph Anthony Pasquale Holsten should support basic auth 45ca320
Joseph Anthony Pasquale Holsten fix basic auth requests cc15dff
Apr 26, 2011
Erik Michaels-Ober Add 1.9.1 to the CI matrix d9b0f86
Erik Michaels-Ober Add 1.8.6 to the CI matrix 1916b95
Erik Michaels-Ober Revert "Add 1.8.6 to the CI matrix"
This reverts commit 1916b95.
Apr 27, 2011
Sebastian Staudt Fixed generating error messages b9d2c72
Erik Michaels-Ober Merged pull request #21 from koraktor/fix_errors.
Fixed generating error messages
Apr 29, 2011
Erik Michaels-Ober Remove API version and format configuration
* Remove XML support (JSON only)
* Write API version and format into the path
Clint Add test to cover basic auth, username:password afb90ba
Erik Michaels-Ober Merged pull request #16 from josephholsten/master.
Fix Basic Auth
Erik Michaels-Ober Merged pull request #24 from ctshryock/auth_password_test.
Add test to cover basic auth, username:password
Erik Michaels-Ober Remove duplicate test a5f8bb4
Erik Michaels-Ober Fix specs in Ruby 1.8 1950d94
Erik Michaels-Ober Really fix specs in Ruby 1.8 ba4768a
Erik Michaels-Ober Add back api_version, remove endpoint 10c6c6d
Erik Michaels-Ober Add version parameter to request methods 508b0aa
Erik Michaels-Ober Replace Mashify with Rashify response middleware b7f127f
Apr 30, 2011
Erik Michaels-Ober Implement first v3 method 54b9c41
May 02, 2011
Clint Add test to cover `client.delete_repository!`
Refactor to return error as part of response
Add fixture file

Test coverage up to 99.7%
Erik Michaels-Ober Merge pull request #29 from ctshryock/client_delete_repo_test.
Add test to cover `client.delete_repository!`
May 03, 2011
Erik Michaels-Ober Separate v2 and v3 fixtures 678de48
Erik Michaels-Ober Add back #search_issues method, since it is not yet implemented in v3 92bad2f
May 04, 2011
Erik Michaels-Ober Remove dynamic code from gemspec because it can only be built one way 273466a
May 05, 2011
Steve Richert Don't forget to URL-encode POST body hashes! 3ce4dd6
Wynn Netherland Merge pull request #31 from laserlemon/master
POST and PUT failures
Erik Michaels-Ober Swap method name with alias 506cea7
Erik Michaels-Ober Revert issues to API v2 for patch release 87889d9
Erik Michaels-Ober Replace manual changelog with links to compare views 3d56c37
Erik Michaels-Ober Bump version to 0.6.3 c8828b2