Unbeatable Noughts And Crosses. For an overview of the code visit the dedicated site: https://octopusinvitro.github.io/unbeatable-nac
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Noughts and crosses

An implementation of the good ol' Nought and Crosses, to make an unbeatable boardgame using artificial intelligence.

  • The program allows the user to choose the game type (human v. computer, human v. human, or computer v. computer).

  • The computer player can win or draw, but never lose.

  • The user has the choice of which player goes first.

For an overview of the code visit the dedicated site: http://me-stevens.github.io/unbeatable-nac

To run the application

This is a WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) application for Windows. To run it, you need Visual Studio 2012 or superior. You can download it for free here.

Double click on the "solution" file (NoughtsAndCrosses.sln) to open the application in VS, then hit the green Play button to run it. This will open the MainWindow.xaml.cs window.

Click New Game and have fun!

To run the tests

In Visual Studio, go to TEST > Windows > Test Explorer to open the Test Explorer panel. Then, in said panel, click Run All.

To do

  • Implement move-ordering? Check Dictionary or HashMap classes out.
  • Find a good code profiler.
  • Implement the MVVM pattern for the views.
  • Implement bindings. This is a bit tricky because the binding can only be made to one-dimensional arrays, which would need a restructuration of the Board class, and they should also implement the INotifyPropertyChanged interface, which would make the application non-GUI agnostic.

Dedicated site



License GNU License