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Ansible Stdout Compact Logger
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Ansible Stdout Compact Logger


  • put somewhere on your disk
  • add callback_plugins settings in your [defaults] settings in your ansible configuration
  • change stdout_callback to anstomlog

cf ansible.cfg.


  • one-line display
  • pylint compatible (almost...)
  • displays tasks content in a nice way
  • including UTF-8 strings
  • indents structs, displays empty arrays, strings
  • puts fields on top when available ['stdout', 'rc', 'stderr', 'start', 'end', 'msg']
  • removes some fields when present [, 'stdout_lines', '_ansible_verbose_always', '_ansible_verbose_override'] to avoid too much clutter
  • reverts to standard logger when more than vv verbosity
  • supports no_log attribute in Task
  • supports _ansible_verbose_always and _ansible_verbose_override
  • supports multiple items in task (#1)
  • multi host support
  • correct duration computation
  • diff display support
  • displays stdout and stderr nicely even when they contain \n
  • displays handlers calls
  • Python 2/3 compatible
  • better line colouring
  • more test around curious errors

Without anstomlog

Stdout Display without anstomlog

With anstomlog

Stdout Display with multiline outputs

Test the logger

  • clone this repository
ansible-playbook test-1.yml
  • to run the tests, call python2.6 callbacks/


MIT, see LICENSE file.

Tips and tricks

  • Issue with non-ascii or utf-8 chars? Have a look at #4


  • Pierre BAILLET @octplane
  • Frédéric COMBES @marthym
  • @tterranigma
  • @OurFriendIrony
  • Farzad FARID @farzy
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