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Octree - sustainable startup studio

We launch software for sustainable societies

Octree launch software for sustainable societies

Octree launches software for sustainable societies. Based in Geneva, we ideate, build and maintain softwares with purpose.

Decidim & civic techs | Smart(er) city | Web Applications | Mobile Applications

Decidim & civic techs

Decidim is an open-source platform that can easily be tailored to suit the needs of your project: whether it’s about public concertations, digital democracy, or distributed governance, it’s a plug & play solution. Among other benefits, Decidim enables to strengthen your citizen’s trust in participatory processes by grounding itself in a core of transparent and open-source values, enabling a boost in engagement.

Unlike a fair number of civic tech proprietary solutions available today on the market, Decidim is licensed under open-source standards, which means it is not only safer than most solutions but simply also naturally transparent concerning the use of data. Decidim is supported by the European Union and benefits of years of improvements contributed by an international community of cities and regions which have been now using it for years, like Barcelona, Helsinki, or Mexico.

Decidim is made of powerful but intuitive modules, enabling administrators to create, manage, and moderate activities such as concertations, meetings, debates, participatory budgeting, and even a voting module. These solutions are accompanied by usage statistics, user accounts, and community management tools.

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Smart(er) city

As a Lean startup studio, Octree is specialized in digital transformation and pragmatic innovation strategy. These two approaches are naturally mobilized to serve our ecological values.
Smart cities must articulate effective change in the areas of consumption, building energy management, circular economy, mobility, and waste management to name a few.

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our projects
→ Caroster: a doodle for carpooling! The app helps reduce the carbon footprint of events ❤️
→ R—21 Suite: a statistical waste monitoring tool for municipalities. Developed colaborating with Co-Objectifs21
→ EVOSPE: a complete energy monitoring solution for buildings. Developed for Service Plus Energies


Quickly test your application, avoid developing features that will never be used

Our approach fuses Lean & Agile methods We move forward the development of your web application, taking into account all your hypotheses. We help you to define a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) before starting the development.

This method avoids developing features that will never be used and enables you to quickly test your web application with your users.

We know how to deal with the unexpected, thanks to our Agile development methods. You regularly receive deliverables and you can redefine your development priorities at any time while staying in control of your budget.

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→ Read more about how do we build mobile applications

Popular repositories

  1. Zeitline Public

    A polylinear timeline with clustering, centred on interactions. — Doc and demo

    JavaScript 16 3

  2. caroster Public

    Group carpool to your event

    TypeScript 16 1

  3. Backend and Frontend for the voca main application with user-facing actions.

    TypeScript 6 1

  4. Flexible survey webapp with multi-languages support

    TypeScript 5

  5. Decidim gem to interact with voca

    Ruby 2

  6. Forked from decidim/decidim

    Fork to provide 1 year Long Time Support for the participatory democracy platform Decidim.

    Ruby 2



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