📸 Polaroid for your code
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Polaroid for your code 📸.

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By Pine & Peng from VS Code team. Happy Coding!


You have spent countless hours finding the perfect JavaScript grammar, matching it with a sleek-looking VS Code theme, trying out all the best programming fonts.

You take three days porting over your theme before starting to use VS Code.
You shell out $200 for italic cursive html attributes.

The code has to look right.

Seriously, why not just take a screenshot?

  • I like and care about the shadow, padding & rounded corner of macOS's screenshot. I want an easy way to have those nice visuals for any selection of my snippet.
  • I want to hide errors, warnings, color decorators, folding markers, line numbers, scrollbar and minimap.
  • It generates something decent on Windows & Linux.


Nord + Input Mono


Monokai Pro + Operator Mono


Material Theme Palenight + Fira Code



  • When running out of horizontal space, try the command View: Toggle Editor Group Vertical/Horizontal Layout.


Thanks to @tsayen for making dom-to-image, which Polacode is using for generating the images.

Thanks to Dawn Labs for making Carbon that inspired Polacode.

Many color are taken from the elegant Nord theme by @arcticicestudio.

Download button animation is made with Vivus.


Contribution is extremely unwelcome.
Please open an issue first so I can stop you from complicating the UX.