Demonstrate VS Code custom tags / attributes support
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Web Component Examples

This is a fork of to demonstrate VS Code's improved HTML support for custom tags / attributes.

Please send feedback and feature requests to the above issues or open new issues at


The support is only in Insiders right now. It'll be made available in the upcoming 1.30 release.


Files of interest


  • VS Code does not offer attribute description in completions yet.
  • VS Code's HTML langauge server loads these components upon startup. Ideally, as users change the configuration, VS Code's HTML language server should reload the tags / attributes definitions.
  • slot is not being parsed and no <slot> or <slot name=""> completions yet.
  • Currently this model makes it possible for my-ui-lib to publish a NPM package including a web-components.json, and ask users to include ./node_modules/my-ui-lib/web-components.json in their workspace settings for HTML language features. However, extensions cannot contribute such JSON files yet. Tracked in
  • No emmet support yet. Tracked in