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PBS NewsHour Ad Libs

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The PBS NewsHour Ad Libs media-literacy and political entertainment project, built in partnership with Ocupop, Mozilla, and PBS NewsHour.

Ad Libs is powered by Popcorn.js, part of the Mozilla Popcorn project.

Content credits can be found by clicking the 'CREDITS' link at the bottom of the Ad Libs website.


PBS NewsHour

  • Joshua Barajas
  • Vanessa Dennis
  • Travis Daub
  • Justin Myers
  • Hari Sreenivasan


  • Brett Gaylor
  • Ben Moskowitz
  • Scott Downe
  • Jon Buckley
  • Kate Hudson


  • Matthew McVickar
  • Grace Blevins
  • Michael Nieling
  • Nicole Rogers
  • Cory Shaw


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