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A session handler for PHP
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Session handler

A session handler for PHP

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  • PHP 7.2+


composer require odan/session


use Odan\Session\PhpSession;

// Set session options before we start
// You can use all the standard PHP session configuration options

    'name' => 'app',
    // turn off automatic sending of cache headers entirely
    'cache_limiter' => '',
    // garbage collection
    'gc_probability' => 1,
    'gc_divisor' => 1,
    'gc_maxlifetime' => 30 * 24 * 60 * 60,
    // security on
    'cookie_httponly' => true,
    'cookie_secure' => true,

// Create a standard session hanndler
$session = new PhpSession();

// Start the session

// Set session value
$session->set('bar', 'foo');

// Get session value
echo $session->get('bar'); // foo

// Optional: Force the session to be saved and closed


// Get session variable
$foo = $session->get('foo');

// Get session variable or the default value
$bar = $session->get('bar') ?? 'my default value';

// Set session variable
$session->set('bar', 'that');

// Get all session variables
$all = $session->all();

// Delete a session variable

// Clear all session variables

// Generate a new session ID

// Clears all session data and regenerates session ID

// Get the current session ID

// Set the session ID

// Get the session name

// Set the session name

// Returns true if the attribute exists

// Sets multiple values at once
$session->replace(['foo' => 'value1', 'bar' => 'value2']);

// Get the number of values.

// Force the session to be saved and closed

// Set session runtime configuration
// All supported keys:

// Get session runtime configuration

// Set cookie parameters
$session->setCookieParams(4200, '/', '', false, false);

// Get cookie parameters


PHP Session

  • The default PHP session handler
  • Uses the native PHP session functions


use Odan\Session\PhpSession;

$session = new PhpSession();

Memory Session

  • Optimized for integration tests (with phpunit)
  • Prevent output buffer issues
  • Run sessions only in memory
use Odan\Session\MemorySession;

$session = new MemorySession();


Slim 3 framework integration


Add your application-specific settings.

These are stored in the settings configuration key of Slim.

// Session
$config['session'] = [
    'name' => 'webapp',
    'cache_expire' => 0,
    'cookie_httponly' => true,
    'cookie_secure' => true,

Add the session factory:

use Odan\Session\PhpSession;
use Odan\Session\SessionInterface;
use Odan\Session\SessionMiddleware;
use Psr\Container\ContainerInterface as Container;

$container[SessionInterface::class] = function (Container $container) {
    $session = new PhpSession();
    // Optional settings
    $settings = $container->get('settings');
    return $session;

Middleware setup

Add the middleware factory:

$container[SessionMiddleware::class] = function (Container $container) {
    return new SessionMiddleware($container->get(SessionInterface::class));

Add the Slim application middleware

Register middleware for all routes:


Register middleware for a single route:

$this->get('/', \App\Action\HomeIndexAction::class)

Register the middleware for a group of routes:

$app->group('/users', function () {
    $this->post('/login', \App\Action\UserLoginSubmitAction::class);
    $this->get('/login', \App\Action\UserLoginIndexAction::class);
    $this->get('/logout', \App\Action\UserLogoutAction::class);
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