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4.1.0 (february 2016)

  • JSON writer with pretty-print added, person data are now saved in JSON format
  • GUI classes refactoring
  • Red and green waterfalls
  • Water rising now uses the level water color
  • 2 new levels added
  • World class refactoring
  • Ghost mode
  • Fire and explosion refactoring
  • Game modes added: TeamDeathMatch and Predator
  • Game time statistic
  • Huge shot and weapon refactoring
  • Double-click support in main menu
  • Bonus refactoring
  • TTF support

4.0.1 (march 2015)

  • Customizable player sounds
  • Green water support
  • More robust TGA loader
  • Better texture management
  • Game now supports up to 10 players and 10 joypads
  • GCC related fixes
  • Keyboard 3 controller is now better suited for right handed persons
  • Game is automatically stopped after the last kill
  • Round over summary
  • Two new bonuses: Split-fire and Vampire shots
  • MINGW and CLion support
  • Revamped bonus icons

4.0.0 (december 2014)

  • Large refactoring including significant elimination of global variables
  • Large Sound sub-system refactoring
  • Player profiles
  • Fixed problem with loading console scripts (EOL)

3.14.0 (december 2014)

  • Separation of bonus and fire textures from wall textures
  • JSON parser, store levels and block meta data in JSON format
  • Controller auto-detection

3.13.0 (november 2014)

  • Fix data corruption when deleting persons
  • Fix negative points for comitting suicide
  • Gui refactoring
  • Separation of elevator, wall and water textures

3.12.0 (november 2014)

  • Player initial position highlighting
  • Fixed compilation in GCC
  • Large Console refactoring
  • Invulnerability on round start
  • Kills per round indication

3.11.0 (june 2014)

  • Large refactoring of Menu and Game classes, added Context interface, eliminated global variables
  • Smarter player position initialization
  • New texture manager, textures covnerted to TGA
  • Sound engine refactoring
  • Console cleanup and refactoring
  • Played rounds are displayed during the game
  • End-game summary
  • Type-safe string formatting

3.10.0 (may 2014)

  • Fix compilation in GCC
  • Refactoring of sprites, animations, world, bonuses, water and elevators
  • Fixed 64-bit support
  • Water refactoring
  • Maximum number of rounds setting
  • Upgrade to SDL2, including keyboard input overhaul
  • Mac OS X support

3.9.0 (april 2014)

  • Negative points for drowning
  • Ability to change skin (face) color
  • Lots of internal refactoring

3.8.14 (january 2014)

  • Negative points for comitting suicide


  • Fix game of more than 4 players
  • Fix shit thrower


  • Removed GLU dependancy
  • Improved loading of level list
  • Fixed bug in console memory de-registration


  • Auto-detection of resolution and bit-depth
  • The player cannot shoot himself
  • Big explosions don't have DEPTH_TEST
  • SDL 1.2.14 and SDL_mixer 1.2.11


  • Added support for start_ammo_range


  • Fixed crash when player drowns


  • Fixed source compatibility with GCC 4.2.1


  • New mathematical library
  • New SDL 1.2.12


  • Improved console
  • When player is killed his weapon stays on the ground


  • Fixed refresh and update sync
  • Improved movement collisions to facilitate easire moving through blocks


  • Improved refresh sync


  • Added new bonus - invulnerability
  • New weapons - kiss of death, spray, sling, stopper gun
  • Bilinear filtering of explosions
  • Slower switch box reactions
  • New machine gun sound
  • New fps sync
  • Improved translations and language switching
  • Fixed bug in printing level number to console (switched from numbers to names)
  • Ability to change resolution without errors and graphical glitches
  • Ability to enable/disable weapons


  • Fixd bug with long names when displaying in-game game stats
  • Fixed bug with negative points when displaying in-game stats
  • Block rendering optimizations


  • The game asks before clearing statistics
  • Added keyboard shortcuts to menu elements


  • Player stats are saved after each game
  • After adding a player in menu the textbox is cleared
  • Press F1 in menu to start a new game
  • Added button for clearing player statistics with F3 keyboard shortcut
  • Bolder invulnerability ring
  • Implemented player skins, fixed several animations (thin legs in jump)
  • See-through in game stats
  • It's not possible to jump under a solid block
  • Fixed level 11
  • Fixed menu element positions
  • Enabled arbitrary number of players (currently hard coded to max 8)
  • Adjusted realod speed of machine gun and pistol
  • Large sexplosions for triton, bazooka and double laser
  • New bonus for increasing player speed
  • SHIFT+F1 restarts current level
  • F4 turns in-game stats on/off
  • Levels can have arbitrary names + new editor version
  • Two new environments and 5 new levels


  • Adjjusted bonus duration and number of bullets in guns
  • When player is invulnerabile he cannot pick up the negative healtch bonus
  • When player is dead he cannot pick up bonuses


  • Small adjustments when switching refresh rate


  • Screen turns red in split screen mode after player death
  • Player names in status bars
  • Library converted to PCK2
  • Unixove line endings in config.txt.def


  • Fixed bug in loading translations, added MY_Feof function
  • Fixed bug where disabled music turned on again after Alt-Tab
  • Small fixes in english translations
  • Automatic creation of config.txt and duel6.dat


  • When deleting player database the game asks
  • Fixed saving of screenshots (via F10). Now much faster and continues from the last saved number.
  • Option to switch between split-screen and full screen in-game using F2
  • Default zoom changed to 13
  • Fixed readme.txt to include all keyboard shortcuts and console commands
  • Fixed refresh rate switching to 60 Hz under windows
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