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OSC Library for Java and others using Apache Mina
By Martin Wood-Mitrovski, 2008
Modified by Tyler Freeman, 2011-2012
Original repository at
Open Sound Control libraries for integrating Flash / Actionscript 3 with Max/MSP, SuperCollider and any other OSC capable system (Reaktor, Plogue Bidule etc..)
Because AS3 doesnt support UDP sockets this library also contains a Java OSC client and server which can be used for providing a bridge between UDP and TCP connections. e.g.
Flash (via TCP) -> Java -> Reaktor (via UDP)
The Java client and server are based on the Apache Mina framework and can easily be used seperately for other purposes.
*Projects in SVN*
Each top level folder in SVN trunk corresponds to a single project (i.e an eclipse or flexbuilder project although you dont have to use those to work with the code)
Low level OSC handling for Actionscript 3.
AS3 Tests
Unit tests for the AS3 library
Java client and server.
A HTTP based OSC handler for max, built using the Java library
A set of applications which combine the AS3 OSC libraries with the GoBox project to allow the creation of OSC generating graphical control systems.
AS3 library for working with the SuperCollider server
SuperCollider Tests
Unit tests for the Super Collider library