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Susy [a Compass plugin]

Susy is a semantic CSS grid system with a responsive twist.

The web is a responsive place, from your lithe & lively development process to your end user's super-tablet-multi-magic-lap-phone. You need grids that are powerful, but custom; reliable, but responsive.

This isn't another one-size-fits-all grid framework that will make your sites look identical and litter your markup with meaningless "col2of5" jargon. We don't design your site or write your markup, we just do the math and get out of your way.

We provide a single shared syntax for describing layouts, and then let you select your favorite output, or build your own.



We love contributions, both as ideas and pull requests. The core of Susy is all in the /sass/ directory.

Once you make changes, you can test them by building the gem and installing it somewhere to test. We also have unit tests that you can run.

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