(windows) media-layouts hang ruby if they only include min-width #119

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This baffled me for a while, today. I'm using Windows 7, as that probably matters. Latest gems of everything, all reinstalled today, to eliminate that.

Maybe this is just the documentation being incorrent. It says:

// $media-layout: <min-width> <layout> <max-width> <ie-fallback>;
// - You must supply either <min-width> or <layout>.

and later

// at-breakpoint(<$media-layout> [, <$font-size>]) { <@content> }

However, if I include any at-breakpoint with only a min-width, like this...

@include at-breakpoint(36em) {
    color: green; // ...or whatever, nothing fancy

...then Ruby hangs, using 100% CPU, for as long as I let it go. It never actually crashes (up to the about thirty minutes I had patience for), so I can't offer a stack.

If I add any layout to the mixin (like at-breakpoint(36em 12) { ... }) then it works fine.

OddBird member

I don't know what to say. This sounds like a bug with either Compass or Sass on Windows. I know absolutely nothing about that side of the equation. Sorry I can't be more helpful. If you track it down to a change that I need to make in Susy, I'd be happy to hear about it.


Fair enough. I'll let you know if I find the problem, but in the mean time it's easy enough to just always specify layout along with the min-width.

OddBird member

Glad to hear it, sorry for the problem. I took another look to see if there was any error I had missed, but I can't find anything that should be causing problems.

OddBird member

Closing unless I hear further updates.

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