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Frexuz commented Jan 23, 2014

I get tons of warnings in different files.


DEPRECATION WARNING on line 285 of c:/Ruby193/lib/ruby/gems/1.9.1/gems/susy-1.0.9/sass/susy/_grid.scss:
Assigning to global variable "$grid-padding" by default is deprecated.
In future versions of Sass, this will create a new local variable.
If you want to assign to the global variable, use "$grid-padding: $default-padding !global" instead.

The reason for using the latest Sass is to have support for source maps.

This will be fixed in Susy 2 I think


mirisuzanne commented Jan 23, 2014

This is already fixed in Susy 2. If you need to use the pre-release of Sass, you will also need the pre-release of Susy (and of Compass). If you are using the latest Sass pre-release, you should do the same with Susy. If you are using Sass from the master branch, you should use Susy from the susy-next branch.

If you don't want to upgrade to the new syntax yet, install the new gem and change your Susy import from @import "susy" to @import "susyone".

mirisuzanne closed this Feb 8, 2014

mm-tom commented Feb 17, 2014

Hey chaps, thanks for the heads up. I switched to rc1 and 4/5 errors disappeared, but I'm still seeing this in one of the files:

DEPRECATION WARNING on line 47 of /Users/mmtom/.rvm/gems/ruby-1.9.3-p374/gems/susy-2.0.0.rc.1/sass/susy/language/susy/_container.scss:
Assigning to global variable "$column-width" by default is deprecated.



mirisuzanne commented Feb 17, 2014

You have two options. If you are getting this error, I assume that means you have upgraded to the new syntax, in which case the $column-width variable has been replaced by a column-width key in your $susy settings map. See the new upgrade instructions. Remove the column-width variable, and it will work.

Or, you can always change your import to @import "susyone"; and keep using the old syntax on the new gem, updated to work on Sass 3.3.

I'll re-open this, and consider it a reminder to make the old variables available, so they don't throw errors.

mirisuzanne reopened this Feb 17, 2014

mirisuzanne added this to the 2.0 milestone Feb 17, 2014

mm-tom commented Feb 18, 2014

Aha, I realised it was maybe my variables shortly after, but thank you.
Ace work btw - loving susy 2.0 so far, really nice :)


mirisuzanne commented Mar 10, 2014

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