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Documentation update

@mirisuzanne mirisuzanne released this Jan 30, 2018

  • Fixes broken search in documentation

Documentation update

@mirisuzanne mirisuzanne released this Jan 25, 2018 · 2 commits to master since this release

Nothing to see here…

[patch] Documentation & Versioning

@mirisuzanne mirisuzanne released this Aug 27, 2017 · 9 commits to master since this release

  • NEW: susy-version() function for accessing the active version number.
  • Minor documentation improvements.

First Beta: With Calc Support

@mirisuzanne mirisuzanne released this Jun 19, 2017 · 11 commits to threeish since this release

  • BREAKING: _prefix.scss has been renamed _susy-prefix.scss
    for clarity when importing.
  • BREAKING: susy-call() has been renamed su-call().
    since it is directly related to accessing the su functions.
  • BREAKING: Remove support for non-list columns:
    'columns': 4 => 'columns': susy-repeat(4) == 'columns': 1 1 1 1.
  • BREAKING: Remove support for $count x $width syntax in columns:
    'columns': 4 x 120px =>
    'columns': susy-repeat(4, 120px) == 'columns': 120px 120px 120px 120px.
  • BREAKING: Remove rubygems/bower, to distribute on npm only.
  • BREAKING: Add support for calc() output,
    so all mixed-unit grids are possible.
    This means the old inside-static solution
    has been replaced by calc() output as well.
  • BREAKING: su-sum has been renamed _su-sum
    and is now considered a private function.
  • SVG background images now have a default size included.
    You can override the default using the CSS background-size property.
  • Add list-flattening to columns normalization,
    so that susy-repeat() can be used along-side other values.
  • Improved documentation

3.0.0.alpha.6 - Apr 25, 2017

@mirisuzanne mirisuzanne released this Apr 25, 2017 · 49 commits to master since this release

  • Fix bug in empty gutter() alias
  • Add susy-repeat() function
    to generate repeating gradients with the same syntax
    provided in CSS Grid templates
  • Add susy-compile() and susy-call() plugin helpers,
    to aide with conversions between the user API and
    internal math functions.


@mirisuzanne mirisuzanne released this Feb 15, 2017 · 58 commits to master since this release

  • Add svg-grid plugin for generating svg background-images
  • Add set-gutters $n shorthand syntax, so all basic grid settings can be customized on-the-fly
  • Allow gutters function to take either context-only, or full span/context shorthand — useful when passing in details from a combined mixin
  • More test coverage, including error-handling!

The core is complete, barring any bug discoveries. To do a beta release, we need one or two layout plugin examples. For a full release, we need better tutorial-style documentation.


@mirisuzanne mirisuzanne released this Feb 15, 2017 · 59 commits to master since this release

Version 3.0.0.alpha.4


@mirisuzanne mirisuzanne released this Feb 16, 2017 · 97 commits to master since this release

  • No Mixins!
  • Trim down to the core math, and a thin layer of api functions:
    • susy-span() to return a column-spanning width
    • susy-gutter() to return a gutter width
    • susy-slice() to return a slice of asymmetrical grid
  • Simplify to four settings:
    • columns to define the grid columns
      as a list of comparable or unitless relative numbers
    • gutters to define the size of a gutter
      in units comparable to the columns,
      or a unitless relative number
    • spread to define the default spread of a span
      across adjacent gutters
    • container-spread to define the default spread of a container
      across side-edge gutters
  • Shorthand syntax for overriding settings on-the-fly:
    • starting with a count, length, or column-list span
    • at $n, first, or last location on asymmetrical grids
    • narrow, wide, or wider for spread
    • of $n <spread> for available grid columns and container-spread