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A system to capture your tweets but respectfully embed/link to others'.
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A system to intelligently synchronize your Twitter timeline and Tumblr blog with your own website.


  • Never copy content that isn't the user's
  • Never copy content that isn't the user's
  • Use embedded tweets (OEmbed) to provide context
  • In the spirit of "Reblog, don't repost," embed reblogged posts whenever possible.


  1. Don't. This isn't anywhere close to done.
  2. Seriously, don't.
  3. Fine.
  4. Copy config-blank.php to config.php and fill out the appropriate info
  5. Run the appropriate file, changing values as needed:
    • sse.php will get the most recent 20 tweets and copy them to the given folder in a Jekyll-friendly format.
    • sse-hugo will do the same as sse, but in a Hugo-friendly format. (This is recommended if you have a Twitter history of any significant size!)
    • sse-fullimport.php builds off of sse-hugo but iterates through your Twitter timeline to get all available tweets. (Note that the API is limited to your most recent 3200 tweets.)
    • sse-hugo-tumblr.php is the latest work-in-progress to adapt this to Tumblr. You will need to change the blog url on line 39.

Still to come:

  • Copy images down from Tumblr
  • Web interface for debugging
  • Potential for multiple users?
  • Decide on a CMS to import to!
    • Stick with Hugo?
    • Try WordPress again?

Feedback is welcome.

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