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SQL Developer extension to invoke dictionary driven code generators
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oddgen is a SQL Developer extension to invoke dictionary-driven code generators. Dictionary-driven means that the predominant part of a model is stored in the data dictionary of the RDBMS or in related data stores. Generators written in a JVM language or in PL/SQL are discovered after connecting to a database and presented in a navigator tree. The oddgen generator interface is designed to hide the complexity from the user and to support generation of any target code in just a few mouse clicks.

See for more information about the product.


Binary releases are published here.


Please file your bug reports, enhancement requests, questions and other support requests within Github's issue tracker.

How to Contribute

  1. Describe your idea by submitting an issue
  2. Fork the oddgen respository
  3. Create a branch, commit and publish your changes and enhancements
  4. Create a pull request

How to Build

  1. Download and install SQL Developer 17.2.0

  2. Download and install Apache Maven 3.5.0

  3. Download and install a git command line client

  4. Clone the oddgen repository

  5. Open a terminal window in the oddgen root folder and type

     cd sqldev
  6. Run maven build by the following command

     mvn -Dsqldev.basedir=/Applications/ -DskipTests=true clean package

    Amend the parameter sqldev.basedir to match the path of your SQL Developer installation. This folder is used to reference various Oracle jar files which are not available in public Maven repositories

  7. The resulting file may be installed within SQL Developer


oddgen is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. You may obtain a copy of the License at

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