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0.9.6 (unreleased)

  • Fixes an issue with rendering with layout false now you can use: render 'path/to/template', :layout => false

  • Small helpers refactoring


  • Added the possibility for dsl lovers to create a single file in app called helpers.rb/controllers.rb/mailers.rb

  • Changed generated scaffold now table rows didn't contains links

  • Fixed a bug in reloader, now we prevent schema.rb reloading

  • Fixed check_box helper when :checked => false we remove them

  • Added auto template lookup with locale and format i.e: or show.js.erb or show.en.erb

  • Css refactoring and fixed an unused css in Padrino Admin generator

  • Fixed ar:structure:dump and others tasks that don't use symbols

  • Fixed compatibility with ERB and Sinatra 1.0

  • Fixed an issues with index and ar:auto:upgrade

  • Now we use Sinatra 0.9.6 since previous versions on ruby >= 1.8.7-p248 raise a segfault bug

  • Refactored executables

  • Added strip_tags helper

  • Fixed model_attribute_translate helper

  • Added favicon

  • Prevent bundler gem clashing

  • Fixed minor SASS support issue for haml generated projects


  • Improved select_tag helper, now accept :include_blank => 'My text'

  • Re-require 'tilt' since not all of us use sinatra –pre

  • Fixed a strange api change of bundler (see:

  • Removed Bundler 0.9.7 dependency and allow all versions > 0.9.7.

  • Fixed Padrino Mailer views_path when we use a “multi app” project

  • Fixed content_type in Padrino Mailer

  • Added a spec option -fs

  • Removed rspec.opts and use it directly in rake task.


  • Fixed a problem with some env with generators


  • Fixed overwrite of :name in f.check_box and f.radio_button

  • Added highlight helper

  • Cleaned up (truncated) README files for Padrino gems

  • Added template agnosticism (erb/haml) in admin generator

  • Added mootools as a javascript option in project generator

  • Added cucumber as a test option in project generator

  • Added Mongoid as adapter in admin generator

  • Added Mongoid as an orm option in project generator

  • Added MongoMapper as adapter in admin generator

  • Fixed an issue with the SASS initializer for project generator

  • Fixed a small problem with DataMapper and our error helpers

  • Removed admin flash middleware (extracted to extension)

  • Minor code cleanup


  • New Padrino Admin with static theme based on web-app-theme

  • Fix routing module to work for sinatra standalone

  • Fix rendering module to work for sinatra standalone

  • Added favicon_tag helper

  • Refactored Internals of Padrino::Application

  • Added I18n helpers t and l

  • Added a new helper error_message_on

  • Added a new helper button_to

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