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Flexible cross-platform game programming library for Ruby

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Rubygame README

	Rubygame is loosely based on Ruby/SDL [1] and pygame [2], intended
	to provide functionality similar to pygame, but for those who 
	prefer Ruby over Python. It was born out of a need (specifically,
	MY need) for a clean, convenient Ruby-to-SDL binding. If Rubygame
	isn't your cup of tea, you might try another Ruby-to-SDL
	binding, RUDL [3].

	Note that while I intend to make it as easy to make games in Ruby
	as it is to make games in Python, this is NOT just a clone of 
	pygame. This is to say, where there are opportunities for improvement,
	I will attempt to make those improvements.

	Many of the tutorials and examples for pygame will work with 
	Rubygame, after some minor modification, so I encourage you to 
	consult those as well.

	Rubygame is being programmed to be modular, meaning you can pick
	and choose which parts to use. For example, if you don't need
	TrueType font support, SDL_ttf is not needed to compile Rubygame.
	Additionally, it is possible for a game to detect at run-time which
	features are present, and behave differently (for example, disabling
	optional features).

	Further, Rubygame is (or will be) multi-tiered, meaning that you can
	access Rubygame's functionality on a number of levels, each level
	being built on the level below it. At the lowest level, Rubygame is
	essentially a Ruby interface to SDL. At higher levels, Rubygame 
	provides sprite classes, event queues, etc. At still higher levels,
	Rubygame might (in the future) provide features like a simple physics
	model or animation classes. Each higher level is closer to a complete
	game, but is also less flexible.

	Rubygame is still (as of May 2005) in early development, and as such
	it may contain many bugs and is prone to API changes. If you would
	like to help make Rubygame better, please send me comments via email
	(address at bottom of file)!

	---- Footnotes ----


	Rubygame has been tested (and was developed) on the following,
	although older versions might work:

		* ruby        >= 1.8 
		* SDL         >= 1.2.7
		* SDL_gfx     >= 2.0.10   (for Draw/Transform modules)
		* SDL_image   >= 1.2.3    (for Image.load() method)
		* SDL_ttf     >= 2.0.6    (for Font::TTF class)

	If you are compiling source, you will obviously need a C compiler
	as well. These versions of gcc worked fine for me:

		* gcc         >= 3.3.2
			(other compilers might work too)

	If you are compiling source on a binary-based ditribution
	(i.e., not Gentoo or LFS) you will also need the "dev" packages
	of ruby, SDL, SDL_gfx, SDL_image, and SDL_ttf.

	At this time, Rubygame is only known to work on GNU/Linux. MacOSX and
	(eventually) Windows ports are likely. If you want to use Rubygame
	on either of those platforms, please send me an email (address at
	bottom of file) and tell me, so I can guage interest!


	Decompress archive and enter its top directory.
	Then run ($ indicates as user, # as root):

		$ ruby setup.rb config
		$ ruby setup.rb setup
		# ruby setup.rb install

	or just:

		# ruby setup.rb all

	You can also install files into your favorite directory by
	supplying setup.rb some options. Try "ruby setup.rb --help".

	During the 'config' phase, you may pass any of these additional arguments
	like so: "ruby setup.rb config -- --arg1 val --arg2"

		--with-gfx      (bool, default: yes)
			Compile Rubygame with SDL_gfx support? This is required for the
			'Draw' and 'Transform' modules to work.

		--with-image    (bool, default: yes)
			Compile Rubygame with SDL_image support? This is required for the
			Image.load() method to work.

		--with-ttf      (bool, default: yes)
			Compile Rubygame with SDL_ttf support? This is required for the
			Font::TTF class to work.

		--include-path  (path)
			A colon-separated list of directory paths to check for C headers,
			supplementing the directory given by `sdl-config --cflags`.
			Use this to help the compiler find headers installed in unusual

		--library-path  (path)
			A colon-separated list of directory paths to check for libraries,
			supplementing the directory given by `sdl-config --libs`.
			Use this to help the compiler find libraries installed in unusual

		--no-sdl-config (bool, default: no)
			Don't use `sdl-config` to get compiler flags or include/library
			paths. Only use this if you know what you're doing!


	To use Rubygame in an application, do:

		require 'rubygame'

	You will probably also want a display window and event queue:

		screen = Rubygame::Screen.set_mode( [640,480] )
		queue = Rubygame::Queue.instance()

	For more information, see the documentation in the "doc/" folder
	or online at


	Rubygame is distributed under the terms of the GNU Lesser GPL.
	See LICENSE for more details.

	The font file, 'samples/freesansbold.ttf' is distributed under
	the terms of the GNU GPL. See 'samples/README' and 'samples/GPL'
	for more details.

John 'jacius' Croisant  (jacius at seul dot org)
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