Secret User Agent of HTTP
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Sawyer is an experimental secret user agent built on top of Faraday.

Think of Faraday as the nerdy scientist behind an HTTP API. Sure, he knows the technical details of how to communicate with an application. But he also gets overly obsessive about alternate timelines to be of much use.

Sawyer knows what needs to be done. He gets in there, assesses the situation, and figures out the next action.

What the What?

The main idea is that each resource has a JSON Schema file detailing the available properties and relations. The relations describe the schema, HTTP method, and href. However, a relation is not accessible on a resource unless the resource also mentions that relation. For instance, a schema of a user may describe these relations:

{ "relations":
  [ {"rel": "self"}
  , {"rel": "update", "method": "patch"}
  , {"rel": "destroy", "method": "delete"}
  , {"rel": "favorites"}
  , {"rel": "favorites/create", "method": "post"}

Now, when you get a User, you may see these relations:

{ "_links":
  [ {"rel": "self", "href": "/users/1"}
  , {"rel": "update"}
  , {"rel": "favorites", "href": "/users/1/friends"}
  , {"rel": "favorites/create"}

The Sawyer agent should know that the 'destroy' relation is inaccessible for some reason in the application.


See example/client.rb

# start the sinatra server
$ ruby -rubygems ./example/server

# run the client
$ ruby -rubygems ./example/client


  • Resource schema validation
  • Add a Sawyer::Response that gets returned from #request calls.
  • Add the concept of errors, the world isn't perfect.
  • Figure out if Sawyer::MimeType is even useful.
  • More real-world examples to push Sawyer to its limit.