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A combined Home automation and Security system with a Homekit Bridge.

  • Tasmota devices - no need for the custom hardware. Just configure the Tasmota IP address, and off you go !
  • Web App interface - control devices from anywhere using your mobile phone.
  • Homekit bridge - voice control through Siri.
  • 433MHz transmitter - cost effective solution to control Power switches and Radiator valves anywhere around the house. *
  • 12 volt alarm system interface - connect to industry standard security sensors and sirens. *
  • Remote control of Heating/Hot water through web app GUI and Homekit. *

( * = custom hardware required )

There are some pictures, and interactive sample screens on my web page here.

Key components:-

  • Build last tested: 12/04/2020.
  • Raspberry Pi 2 with 1GB memory or Raspberry Pi 3 with 1GB memory
  • Raspbian Buster Lite - Release date:2020-02-13
  • iPhone SE
  • IOS 13.3.1


Full installation details are in the Wiki

Latest features:-

  • Tasmota devices.
  • Dynamic backgrounds selectable through the Web App.
  • Installer updated to work with latest HAP-NodeJS (TypeScript version).
  • Exported Homekit accessory files updated from JavaScript to TypeScript.
  • GUI support for central heating system (sorry - only useful to me as more dedicated hardware is required).
  • Certificate Authority and full keychain - Root CA certificate created during the install which can be installed to the iPhone providing authentication and encryption and allows the web app to run in full screen.


  • Publish sketch for ESP8266 temperature sensors
  • readvars.php - test for valid session
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