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Centralized Management for Systems Administration (CMSYS) bot for Telegram
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CMSysBot (Telegram bot)


Centralized Management for Systems Administration (CMSysBot) it is a Telegram bot that allows you to manage computers in a local network from the bot itself, for example, execute a series of commands on all computers automatically, or perform updates and collect information from computers, all in a centralized way.

Python3 libraries

System dependencies

How to install

First of all, you need a server with any GNU/Linux distribution, we have tested this bot on a Debian based operating system.

Once you have installed your server operating system, you have to download the bot from GitHub, install Python3 libraries and system dependencies:

Download bot

git clone

Install Python3 libraries

Go into cloned folder cmsysbot-telegram and execute:

make install

Install system dependencies

sudo apt install -y sshpass

How to run (server)

To run this bot in your server, go to your git cloned folder cmsysbot-telegram (by default) and execute this command:

make run

How to configure

First of all, you have to create a new Telegram bot using BotFather bot and get the bot token.

Once you've got it, copy your bot token into config/config.json file, in token filed.

Make sure to fill up all fields in the config/config.json file.

How to run (client)

That's all! now you can open your Telegram client and get into your created bot @YourTelegramBot and start to use it.

Social media


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