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👋🏻 Hello!

I'm a Software Developer and a tech enthusiast based in Barcelona, Spain. My area of expertise involves building backend services in a distributed, scalable, and resilient way. I've worked in Agile teams developing software for high-concurrency environments.

I've written a set of lists so you can get to know me better without having to read too much, but feel free to email me to schedule a call anytime.

👨🏻‍💻 Tech

I feel comfortable with:

  • Scala (Cats, Play Framework, FS2, http4s) —alternatively, Kotlin or Java
  • PHP (Symfony, PSR)
  • Functional Programming
  • DDD, CQRS & Ports and adapters architecture
  • MySQL & Redis
  • AWS (DynamoDB, Aurora, EKS, SNS & SQS)
  • Terraform
  • Kubernetes
  • Unit, integration, and acceptance testing

And I'm up to adopt new technologies such as Rust or Go.

🚧 Experience

letgo – Backend Developer for 3 years

Part of the Growth squad teaming up with different specialists (Mobile, QA, Design, Product and Management). I was in charge of developing marketing and retention campaigns. Successfully delivered millions of pushes and emails, and helped the company reach the OKRs. The company's userbase was 100M+ by that time.

Technical details

We ran up to 8 event-driven microservices (Scala, most of them) in a Kubernetes AWS cluster. The high-concurrency environment required a scalable and resilient architecture. We chose CQRS architecture for all our consumers and RESTful APIs.

Stack: Scala, PHP, Play Framework, Cats, Symfony, http4s, FS2, AWS (DynamoDB, Aurora, EKS, SNS & SQS), MySQL, Redis, ElasticSearch, Terraform, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Grafana, New Relic, Kibana, GitHub, Jira, Confluence.

Memondo Network – Fullstack Developer for 3+ years

I was in charge of the development and maintenance of a series of Spanish well-known entertainment websites such as Asco de Vida, Memedeportes, Así va España, Urbanian, or Cribeo. I also worked on the remake of ContaHogar, a personal finance webapp. I had the chance to dig into web development as a whole.

Technical details

We built a custom PHP framework that allowed us to rapidly launch new websites. Successfully transitioned from classic mid-2000s websites to HTML5 and responsive/adaptive design. We put a lot of emphasis on mastering the HTTP protocol and browsers in order to shorten page load times.

Stack: PHP, HTML, CSS (LESS), Javascript (jQuery, Typescript & ES6), SVN.

Before that, I worked on smaller companies developing websites and as an IT technician (HelpDesk).

💚 Values

Things that make me happy 👍🏻

  • A product that matches my interests
  • Companies promoting transparency and open communication
  • Policies to protect diversity and foster the integration of under-represented collectives
  • Trust-based relationships between colleagues
  • Self-accountability, but sharing successes and failures
  • Pair programming and in-house technical training
  • Clear employee expectations and well-defined responsibilities
  • Contributing to community with open source software

Things that make me sad 👎🏻

  • A product that is viable just because of tax avoidance, precarious work, or legal gaps
  • Massive and shady personal data collecting
  • Vertical and inaccessible organizations
  • Internal competitions and unresolved disputes
  • Having to travel abroad
  • Indisputable technical premises
  • Companies not sharing their numbers internally
  • Using old technology with no reason

💡 Interests

As a geek, my main interests float around the tech world:

  • Internet of Things
  • Smart home automation
  • Networking and building computers
  • Electronics engineering
  • Privacy and security
  • Smart mobility

But as a fidget, I'm also curious about:

  • Interiors design
  • Sociology
  • DIY projects of any kind
  • Freedom of the press
  • Architecture
  • Sustainability
  • Nutrition
  • Engineering in general

Anyway, do not expect these lists to be up-to-date by tomorrow morning.

💌 Contact me

If you liked what you just read and have any appealing offer for me, reach me out at

👌 Friends

You might also be interested in one of these great professionals:

(Psst! Open a PR if your name is still not here! Also if you want to change your link or title)


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