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Added scaladoc for resolveOverloaded.

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  1. +18 −0 src/reflect/scala/reflect/api/Symbols.scala
@@ -232,6 +232,24 @@ trait Symbols extends base.Symbols { self: Universe =>
/** The overloaded alternatives of this symbol */
def alternatives: List[Symbol]
+ /** Resolves an overloaded TermSymbol to a single non-overloaded TermSymbol that accepts
+ * the specified argument types.
+ * @param pre The prefix type. By passing a prefix type, type-level type parameters
+ * can be converted within the member's type. Any example of a prefix would be
+ * `List[Int]`, which would replace references to the type parameter `A` with the type
+ * `Int`.
+ * @param targs Only alternatives that can accept these type arguments will be considered. In all
+ * alternatives that can accept these type arguments, they will be considered with these
+ * substituted for their corresponding type parameters.
+ * @param posVargs A sequence of the positional (normal) type arguments that a candidate alternative must
+ * accept.
+ * @param nameVargs A sequence of the named-parameter type arguments that a candidate alternative must
+ * accept. Each element in the sequence should be a pair of a parameter name and an
+ * argument type
+ * @param expected A candidate member must have a return type compatible with this type.
+ * @return Either a single, non-overloaded, Symbol referring the selected member or NoSymbol no single
+ * member could be selected given the passed arguments.
+ */
def resolveOverloaded(
pre: Type = NoPrefix,
targs: Seq[Type] = List(),

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