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  1. odeum-code

    ODEUM Code is a React-based JavaScript UI framework for building Web & Mobile Applications

    HTML 13

  2. odeum-ui

    ODEUM UI are a collection of simple visual component primitives build for ODEUM Code. All components are build with styled-components

    JavaScript 2

  3. odeum-primitives

    Forked from cbroberg/odeum-primitives

    React UI component primitives for ODEUM Code built with styled-components

    JavaScript 1

  4. odeum-code-lite

    An ODEUM Code scaled down getting-started quickly boilerplate

    JavaScript 4

  5. odeum-app

    ODEUM Code Web App Framework. All the basic components to set up the ODEUM Code Web App framework with default styling, menus, tabs, routes and help.

    JavaScript 3

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