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Docker Jumpstart, by Andrew Odewahn

This is the source for the Docker Jumpstart, a short guide by Andrew Odewahn from O'Reilly Media to help you get up and running with Docker. Its table of contents is:

Topics I'd love to cover in more depth are in the wishlist directory. Most of this stuff is just a place to keep links and research will (OK, might) someday lead to a more in-depth coverage.


This book is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. I encourage you to fork my work and make your own improvements under the terms of the license. If you have any changes you want to send back our way, please make a regular pull request via Github. If the authors like your changes, they may integrate them into the official repo and give you a credit. If you just have an issue to report, please use the regular Github issue system.

Running the site locally

The site uses harpjs to build a site and Atlas to build the PDF, mobi, and epub. To build the site:

When you want to build the site, clone the repo down again into another directory, create a gh-pages branch, and then run harp compile . _new directory_