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== Introduction
This document describes the workflow for Maker Press, an experimental system for building high quality, commercial documentation for projects for MAKE. Here's the basic idea:
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* Editors sign an author to document a project (or multiple projects)
* The author develops the content in AsciiDoc, a text document format for writing documentation, articles, books, ebooks, slideshows, web pages, man pages and blogs.
* The author, editor, and any interested contributor (more on this in a second) develop and maintain the content in git and github.
* When the content is ready, the author or editor moves it into the O'Reilly publishing workflow so that it can be pushed out through out digital channels
The goal of the project is to create a lightweight way for people to:
* Create and distribute content through O'Reilly
* Invite participation from the community
* Keep material up to date more quickly
* Publish material on more niche topics where a book may not make sense
.Contributing to Maker Press
Although this document was developed with authors and editors in mind, anyone can contribute to a Maker Press project by:
* Setting up a github account
* Forking the project into your own repository
* Pulling down the repository into your own git repository
* Making some changes / edits
* Pushing your changes back up into your repo
* Sending the a pull request to let the author know you've made some changes
The author or editor will review your suggestions and incorporate them as he or she sees fit.
This document walks you through the details of the authoring process. It's mostly focused on tools and workflows -- see the <<useful-links>> for more information about formatting content in AsciiDoc, writing for O'Reilly, using git, and various other related topics.
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