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GeoJSON mapping data, by theme, derived from Open Street Map. Geographic coverage: West Yorkshire.
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West Yorkshire Mapping

OpenStreetMap is a fantastic open resource of mapping that can be re-used in projects under the Open Database License (ODBL). However, getting the data in a useable form isn't always straightforward. This repository contains a series of processed .geojson files created from a snap-shot of OpenStreetMap. The aim is to make it easy to get data for the specific object types you need.

The data are downloaded in the form of a PBF file for West Yorkshire prepared by GeoFabrik. This master file is then processed using the command line tool ogr2ogr to create separate geojson files for different types (the sub-types are defined by the data in OSM itself) under the following main categories:

  • amenities
  • landusage
  • leisure
  • natural


We've also created a subset of these GeoJSON files for Leeds and Bradford.

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