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@gingerBill gingerBill released this Feb 24, 2017 · 1675 commits to master since this release


  • Entities and record fields prefixed with an underscore do not get exported on imports
  • Records have an implicit names fields, a []string of all the names for that record (struct/raw_union/enum)
  • New built-in procedures
    • slice_to_bytes - convert any slice to a slice of bytes
    • delete - remove an entry from a map
    • clear - clear the contents of a map or dynamic array (e.g. set the count to zero)
    • reserve - reserve memory for the dynamic map or array
  • union_cast allows for an optional "ok" check; will panic if the cast is invalid and the ok check was not used
  • ?: ternary operator (replaces block and if expressions)
  • Unions with variants and common fields


  • Core library additions to Windows specific stuff


  • Overloading bug due to comparison of named types
  • Overloading bug due to #import . collision
  • Disallow a cast from a pointer of a union (use union_cast instead)
  • Minor bugs in generated IR code for slices
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