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@gingerBill gingerBill released this Jun 2, 2019 · 28 commits to master since this release

  • Implicit Selector Expressions
  • Half-closed range a..<b ([a, b))
    • This is alongside the closed range a..b ([a, b])
  • notin binary operator for map and bit_set types:
    • x notin y (equivalent to !(x in y))
  • Endian specific integers
    • e.g. i32, i32le, i32be
  • Reintroduction of i128 and u128
  • Labels for blocks and if statements (break only)
  • Improved common parsing errors (e.g. C-style -> for selectors rather than Odin-style .)
  • Import name rules
    • The import name for the package will try to be determined from the import path
  • Context-based Logging system
  • #load
    • Load a file at compile time as a byte slice
  • Procedure group syntax change to proc{}
  • General core library improvements
  • Odin Parser as part of the core library
    • import "core:odin/parser" et al.
  • New build flag: -define:foo=123
  • #defined built-in procedure
    • when #defined(FOO) { ... }
  • Improved -vet
  • Replace foreign export with @export
  • @private
  • @static

Experimental Features

  • odin query
    • -go-to-definitions (OGTD file format)
    • -global-definitions (JSON file format)
    • -compact (compactify the JSON file)
  • intrinsics.vector type

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