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A list of Odin libraries, wrappers and bindings.
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Odin Libs

A list of Odin projects, libraries, wrappers and bindings.

If you want a project listed here, make an issue stating the name, description and link or a pull request. It does not have to be on github.


Editor Support

Name Description License
sublime-odin Odin syntax definition for Sublime Text Missing
odin-mode Odin editing mode for GNU/Emacs Missing
flycheck-odin GNU/Emacs flycheck support for Odin Unlicense


Name Description License
odin-gl_font A library for quickly setting up font rendering Missing
Libbrew A library for quick prototyping and more MIT
odin-json An Odin-native parser for JSON with (un-)marshalling Missing
bindgen An Odin library to convert a C header file into an Odin binding file. MIT


Name Description License
odin-al A binding for OpenAL MIT
odin-termbox A binding for termbox MIT
odin-glfw A binding for GLFW Unknown
odin-rift A binding for the Oculus SDK for the rift Unlicense
odin-gl A binding for Core OpenGL 4.5 MIT
odin-sdl2 A binding for SDL2 Unlicense
odin-enet A binding for ENet Missing
odin-librg A binding for librg Missing
odin-xinput A binding for xinput MIT
odin-zeromq A binding for ZeroMQ Missing
odin-stb A binding for the stb libraries Missing
odin-gtk2 A binding for GTK+2 MIT
odin-openssl A binding for OpenSSL BSD-2-Clause
odin-miniz A binding for miniz Unlicense
odin-sock A binding for Berkeley Sockets (BSD-style) Unlicense
odin-WinMM A binding to the Windows Multimedia API BSD-2-Clause


Name Description License
odin-imgui A wrapper for Dear ImGui based on cimgui MIT
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