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ODIN Core version 1.4.2

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Mainnet Release

ODIN Core v1.4.2 is the Mainnet GUI release of the ODIN Blockchain. ODIN Blockchain will aim to position itself as both a user privacy and data security platform and a leader of blockchain documentation and open source collaboration. In an ever growing mobile orientated world and a development mentality that seems to silo knowledge and suppress ideas, ODIN will bring new light and power the individual.

ODIN Blockchain is an initiative by Obsidian Platform Limited ("OPL").

How to get involved

ODIN Blockchain is a fresh fork from Phore and is in talks with the Phore dev community to understand how our chains could collaborate on future projects.

We are looking for anyone with an interest and drive in blockchain technology. Whether you are a creative designer, hobby programmer, social media butterfly, or just a casual onlooker you could make your mark in the future of ODIN! Join us on any of our primary digitial communities to begin the conversation.


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Work in progress GUI Build for ODIN Blockchain.

Sep 30, 2018
Release version bump

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