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Welcome to the ODIN Technical Wiki

This is the official ODIN wiki, covering technical information, topics, and technologies associated with the ODIN ecosystem, with contributions from the ODIN community. The aim of the wiki is to service interested developers, designers, entrepreneurs, general blockchain enthusiasts, and all sorts of other users whom would like to solve problems through a protocol/service available within the decentralized ODIN blockchain platform. All information provided and contributed here is intended to be licensed through Creative Commons (CC0) or MIT Open source license where relevant and appropriate. This helps us all to aligns with the initial vision and philosophy which the ODIN Blockchain founders intended on inception.

📣 ANN: Stubs ~~

We encourage the developer community around ODIN to contribute information and documentation to all areas of the ODIN Technical Wiki. We have a core team who are also providing additional content as we progress with all areas of the project.

📣 ANN: Prototype Content ~~

Please bear in mind not every bit of content in this wiki is FINAL. Some pages are theoretical or in draft, and have been published to serve as a guide, to achieve the future vision for ODIN.

Contributing to the Technical Wiki

📣 ANN: Currently public edits have been disabled ~~

However, users signed in with a GitHub account can edit and add pages through this Technical Wiki using the browser so long as the following rules are met:

  • Do not change the title of a page, this will cause issues with internal/external links!
    • i.e., Changing the title of this page, or the _sidebar will cause organization display issues.
    • Page Title changes should be handled by a seasoned contributor to the ODIN Ecosystem.
  • If offering a translation of a page they should:
    • Have a new page created with the translated copy of the original and a link,
    • Contain the language short-code in the Page Title (i.e., fr French, ru Russian)
  • New pages:
    • MUST contain an initial commit message, as well as major revisions, to provide context as to what was done;
    • OPTIONALLY include an Author stamp for contribution tracking or if a member of the ODIN Ecosystem needs to get in contact with you: <!--*Name Surname*, Github username, **email@domain** and/or other contact methods-->
  • Contributors:
    • MUST have read and accepted the CC0 Licensing attributed to all contributions made to this Technical Wiki

ODIN Communities

🐦 Official ODIN Twitter

Follow us on Twitter to be notified of important announcements, blockchain updates, articles, and more!

🤖 Official ODIN Reddit

Start a discussion with other ODIN community members or propose budget ideas when the ODIN community budget system activates.

👾 Official ODIN Discord

We have a growing community on Discord with various topic channels as well as a Tipping system to spread ODIN around.

📫 Official ODIN Telegram

Along with Discord, our Telegram server is another growing community of ODIN settlers.


Send an email to if you have any questions or would like to get in touch with us directly!

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