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Remote controlling your keyboard since 2016.
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Remote control for your laptop / desktop, over HTTP.

Touchy provides a remote keyboard for your workstation: It is perfect for presentations / conferencing, to be able to control your laptop directly from your phone, without having to install any additional software.


Download the binary and launch it, you should see something like:

~/projects/go/src/ (master ✘)✹ ᐅ ./touchy
Aye, here we are: connect to and enjoy!

Now, assuming that your phone is connected to the same network as your laptop, open and have fun!

By default, touchy will run on port 8080, but you can customize that with the HTTP_PORT environment variable.


You can even protect the server with basic HTTP authentication by setting the environment variables HTTP_USER and HTTP_PASSWD.



Basically: do as you wish, you're on your own.



  • go 1.4 or above
  • babel installed globally
  • webpack installed globally

As a dev, you might want to run touchy locally. Just clone this repo and then run make:

~/projects/go/src/ (master ✘)✚ ᐅ make
Installing go packages...
go get -u
go get
go get
go get
Compiling static assets...
$GOPATH/bin/go-bindata -pkg http -o http/bindata.go static/...
Formatting source code...
go fmt ./...
go build -o touchy main.go
Running the server...
Aye, here we are: connect to and enjoy!

For now I just mapped 4 buttons (up / down / left / right) and the interface looks pretty crappy, but I'm open to adding / changing stuff, if requested: pull requests are always welcome!


I bought one of those Logitech presenters and it seemed very cool -- until my second conference using the controller, as I forgot it was turned on and the batteries got drained. Thus, I started looking for a solution that would involve less stuff to remember (laziness is a virtue).

At the same time, I wanted to refresh my rusty Go skills, and wanted to try react + babel + webpack on one of my OS projects.

So, with a weekend in front of you and a patient wife, what would you do? :-)

Tests & known issues

I want to add some very simple tests for the Go server: there isn't much I wrote myself, so I'll be honest and admit that tests aren't the #1 priority as of now.

There's currently an issue that prevents me from publishing some binaries.

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