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ver. 0.1.0 2012-01-25

  • [added] Ability to injecting into the file download process and implementing custom progress bar functionality
  • [changed] Rid of original rapidshare gem dependency which was not supported for 5 months. Gem have become standalone now.
  • [changed] Remove Curl lib dependency which could cause a problem on Windows machines.
  • [changed] Remove Progressbar gem dependency against api for implementing custom progress bars
  • [changed] File downloading works through native Ruby HTTP libraries using RestClient
  • [changed] Integration test have been greatly improved and original gem tests have been included to increase coverage

ver. 0.0.6 2012-11-25

  • [changed] upload(): :overwrite parameter added

ver. 0.0.5 2012-11-21

  • [fixed] remove_orphans!()

ver. 0.0.4 2012-11-21

  • [changed] folders_hierarchy(): :validate param added
  • [changed] folders_hierarchy(), folder_path(): orphan pathes marked with "" parts
  • [changed] 100% code coverage

ver. 0.0.3 2012-11-19

  • [added] Downloading files by absolute path
  • [added] File download url added to the return hash of file_info(). Url is represented by the :url key
  • [changed] Folder pathes now have leading slash
  • [fixed] Base gem download functional didn't work when use :save_as param because of API changes month ago
  • [changed] Integration file uploading test refactored

It has began. We have the features as follows:

  • [added] Creating folders

ver. 0.0.2 2012-11-18

Technical release. No features, no bug fixes.

ver. 0.0.1 2012-11-17

It has began. We have the features as follows:

  • [added] Creating folders
  • [added] Removing folders
  • [added] Moving folders
  • [added] Uploading files
  • [added] Removing files
  • [added] Renaming files
  • [added] Moving files
  • [added] Viewing folders hierarchy
  • [added] Dealing with orphan folders
  • [added] Erasing all account data
  • [added] Get file info
  • [added] Folder/file identification by path
  • [added] Integration tests (Forkers, be careful, account is fully erased before each test execution being performed!)
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