text editor for the terminal written in python, with 2048!
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Pablo's own Editor

A small ncurses based console text editor with vi keybindings written in Python

This is a small editor I did with the intention of using it, it lacks vi POSIX compatibility and lacks a lot of commands, but it is easier to extend than others (at least for me)


  • Somehow vi-alike keybindings
  • Full UTF-8 support
  • Syntax highlighting using pygments for a whole lot of languages
  • A cool game (2048)
  • Hellfire!!




Requires Python 3.5, setuptools and pygments. To install on Debian Wheezy:

    apt-get install python3-pygments python3-setuptools

You will need also a terminal emulator and locale that support UTF-8, and a font that can display Unicode graphic characters. As a reference, i use 'Bitstream Vera Sans Mono' in an xterm (xterm -fs 12 -fa 'Bitstream Vera Sans Mono')

If you have a terminal that supports 256 colors, they will be used. But only if you set the $TERM environment variable correctly. I do export TERM=xterm-256color in xterm and TERM=screen-256color in tmux to get 256 colors.


Install system-wide, with executable in /usr/local/bin/hellfire:

    sudo python3 ./setup.py install

Supported vi commands

Command mode:

  • Motion commands:
  • k, j, h, l, +, -, cursor keys
  • Avpag, Repag, Control+f, Control+b
  • Home, End, 0 and $
  • Insertion:
  • a, i
  • Deletion:
  • x, X, Supr, Backspace, J, D, dd
  • Visual line selection:
  • V (start selection/end selection)
  • Copying:
  • (range)y or y over visual selection

Insert mode:

  • Motion commands
  • cursor keys, Home, End, Avpag

Ex (:) mode:

  • Substitution
  • s[ubstitute], using python regular expressions
  • Writing
  • w[rite] [file]

Unsupported vi features

There is no horizontal scroll...

You can not prefix a command with a repetition number (i.e. 10j)

Delete to end of line or to end of world (d$, dw) is not implemented

There is no undo (yet)

Games and other nuisances

  • Type :game2048 (or just :g) to play the popular game

  • Yup, type :hellfire to become the god of hellfire!