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  • eBPF and extended perf_events support
  • HttpClient fixes
  • Reflection and serialization now works for classes with missing field types
  • Improved serialization performance
  • OffheapMap API enhancements; compatibility with newer JDKs
  • Configure scheduling policy for thread pools
  • Fixed byte[] <-> long conversion


  • Optimized serialization of empty collections
  • schedulingPolicy option for NIO server threads
  • Fixed JavaSocket timeouts on Mac and Windows


  • Serialization of Java Records
  • DigestStream fixes


  • SSL improvements: RDRAND, PEER_CERTIFICATE_CHAIN, autoupdate certificates
  • Extended Perf Events API, including PEBS
  • Garbage free thread safe date utilities; high performance date formatter
  • Serialization: collection type evolution; better JSON support
  • PROXY protocol support for RPC server
  • Configurable DigestStream
  • Thread.onSpinWait bridge
  • Custom collection converters for ConfigParser
  • HttpClient fixes
  • Utility class to invoke HotSpot diagnostic commands
  • CustomThreadFactory for creating named/daemon/batch threads
  • RpcStream memory optimizations
  • setAffinity/getAffinity for machines with more than 64 CPUs
  • AF_UNIX socket support. Refactored InetAddress handling
  • systemd-notify API


  • Enable SO_KEEPALIVE on a ServerSocket by default
  • Fixed server graceful shutdown
  • Fixed Socket tests failing on older kernels


  • Updated SSL API. Client certificate inspection support
  • SerializedWrapper for transfering pre-serialized objects
  • Http server returns "400 Bad Request" if fails to parse parameters
  • Getters for all socket options
  • Synchronous Server.start
  • Java wrappers for setpriority/getpriority (thread niceness)
  • HttpClient invoke with timeout
  • Support for connected UDP Java socket
  • Java API for perf events on Linux
  • Serialization bugfixes
  • ConnectionString recognizes well-known ports
  • ConfigParser enhancements
  • Fixed compatibility issues with JDK 11. Get rid of tools.jar dependency


  • ConfigParser better handles scalars, collections and generics
  • Malloc compatibility with older format
  • SerializeWith(getter, setter) and SerialOptions annotations
  • SSL key passphrase and SOL_SSL socket options
  • with flags
  • Fixed EINTR during connect
  • Fixed readFully/writeFully on JavaSocket
  • RpcClient invoke with timeout
  • Server threads now extend PayloadThread
  • JDK 9,10,11 support
  • Iterator over all nonempty HTTP Request query parameters
  • Return query parameters as an iterable
  • Handle Throwable instead of Exception in AsyncExecutor
  • YAML parser fixes
  • Java 8 minimum requirement
  • HTTP and SOCKS proxy support
  • Bridge to setns() syscall
  • Batch/Idle thread scheduling priorities
  • FIFO/LIFO pools
  • Socket I/O improvements: ByteChannel API, accept4() support
  • JSON serialization/deserialization
  • HTTP @RequestMethod annotation
  • Object Streaming API
  • RPC streaming and HTTP-RPC support


  • YAML parser now supports references and extended array/list declaration
  • ByteBuffer API for LZ4 compression/decompression
  • HttpServerConfig
  • Native UDP sockets
  • TOS and reusePort attributes for TCP sockets
  • Compatibility layer for different versions of OpenSSL. Support for multiple server certificates.
  • Better type migration. Default fields improvement. Concurrency issues.
  • Virtual hosts for HttpServer
  • Fixed LZ4 native wrapper (JVM crash)
  • Default connectTimeout != readTimeout
  • Load dynamically (to support both OpenSSL 1.0.x and 1.1.0)
  • Fixed MappedFileTool argument parsing
  • Minor one.nio.mem and concurrency fixes


  • Include into Maven build
  • Interpret IllegalArgumentException as "400 Bad request"
  • Support for HTTP request body


  • Initial release