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async Handle Throwable instead of Exception Dec 26, 2018
cluster Handle Throwable instead of Exception Dec 26, 2018
compiler JDK 9,10,11 support Jun 16, 2018
config ConfigParser supports Maps with keys other than String Apr 12, 2019
gen JDK 9+ related cleanup Jun 20, 2018
http HttpClient.invoke with timeout Jun 6, 2019
lock Optimized RWLock on top of AbstractQueuedSynchronizer Jul 31, 2017
lz4 Fixed LZ4 native wrapper (JVM crash) Nov 8, 2017
mem Batch/Idle thread scheduling priorities Dec 26, 2018
net Formatting / coding style Jun 9, 2019
os Set NICE value for batch threads Jun 6, 2019
pool FIFO/LIFO pools Dec 26, 2018
rpc RPC streaming and HTTP-RPC support Dec 26, 2018
serial Fixed serialization of classes with duplicate fields Apr 12, 2019
server Synchronous Server.start Jun 6, 2019
util Utility API improvements Dec 26, 2018
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