Node.js extension for use with C++ ESRI FileGeodatabase API
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This is currently an experimental Node.js extension.

The ESRI C++ File Geodatabase API is available from the following link.

You will need the Linux 32-bit version. This is a Linux ONLY extension.

To currently run this script you will need to add the samples/data folder to the root of the nodefgdb extension.
You should have a folder structure as follows
- data
- fgdb.js
- test.js
- wscript

Edit the wscript file so that it points your directory.

Run the node-waf build script
node-waf configure && node-waf build

You should get some ignore #pragma warning messages followed by a 'build' finished successfully message.

Start node from the extensions root directory

odoe@linuxbox:~/dev/node_fgdb$ node test.js

As of right now, it only pulls data from a single Table, the Cities Table. This will be configurable in future releases.

This is so far a proof of concept just to show that the ESRI File Geodatabase API could be used as a node.js extension.
Now that I have gotten this much working, I will be working on adding basic query functionality and hope to implement GeoJSON/ESRIJson.