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To reproduce:
1- Configure a 0.05 cash rounding modifying the tax amount

2- Create an invoice using this rounding, for 3€, with a 21% tax (configured with some tags related on tax repartition; a Belgian one for example). => This will create a 0.02 tax rounding move line, for a total tax amount of 0.63 + 0.02 = 0.65

3- Check the tax report => Only 0.63 appears

This is wrong and leads to inconsistencies with the tax closing (which will consider 0.65 because of the tax account used), or the generic tax report (which only considers tax_line_id field, not tag_ids). The tags should be copied from the line we intend to modify the tax amounts of.

OPW 2714411

closes #83058

X-original-commit: d132c8d
Signed-off-by: Laurent Smet <>
Signed-off-by: Olivier Colson <>


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