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# coding: utf-8
from odoo import api, models
from import ir_http
class IrRule(models.Model):
_inherit = 'ir.rule'
def _eval_context(self):
res = super(IrRule, self)._eval_context()
# We need is_frontend to avoid showing website's company items in backend
# (that could be different than current company). We can't use
# `get_current_website(falback=False)` as it could also return a website
# in backend (if domain set & match)..
is_frontend = ir_http.get_request_website()
Website = self.env['website']
res['website'] = is_frontend and Website.get_current_website() or Website
return res
def _compute_domain_keys(self):
""" Return the list of context keys to use for caching ``_compute_domain``. """
return super(IrRule, self)._compute_domain_keys() + ['website_id']