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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import base64
import os
import re
import hashlib
import itertools
import json
import textwrap
import uuid
import sass as libsass
except ImportError:
# If the `sass` python library isn't found, we fallback on the
# `sassc` executable in the path.
libsass = None
from datetime import datetime
from subprocess import Popen, PIPE
from collections import OrderedDict
from odoo import fields, tools, SUPERUSER_ID
from import string_types, to_text
from odoo.http import request
from odoo.modules.module import get_resource_path
from .qweb import escape
import psycopg2
from import func, misc
import logging
_logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
class CompileError(RuntimeError): pass
def rjsmin(script):
""" Minify js with a clever regex.
Taken from
Apache License, Version 2.0 """
def subber(match):
""" Substitution callback """
groups = match.groups()
return (
groups[0] or
groups[1] or
groups[2] or
groups[3] or
(groups[4] and '\n') or
(groups[5] and ' ') or
(groups[6] and ' ') or
(groups[7] and ' ') or
result = re.sub(
r']*\*+(?:[^/*][^*]*\*+)*/))*)+', subber, '\n%s\n' % script
return result
class AssetError(Exception):
class AssetNotFound(AssetError):
class AssetsBundle(object):
rx_css_import = re.compile("(@import[^;{]+;?)", re.M)
rx_preprocess_imports = re.compile("""(@import\s?['"]([^'"]+)['"](;?))""")
rx_css_split = re.compile("\/\*\! ([a-f0-9-]+) \*\/")
# remains attribute is depreciated and will remove after v11
def __init__(self, name, files, remains=None, env=None): = name
self.env = request.env if env is None else env
self.max_css_rules = self.env.context.get('max_css_rules', MAX_CSS_RULES)
self.javascripts = []
self.stylesheets = []
self.css_errors = []
self._checksum = None
self.files = files
self.user_direction = self.env['res.lang'].search(
[('code', '=', (self.env.context.get('lang') or self.env.user.lang))]
for f in files:
if f['atype'] == 'text/sass':
self.stylesheets.append(SassStylesheetAsset(self, url=f['url'], filename=f['filename'], inline=f['content'], media=f['media'], direction=self.user_direction))
elif f['atype'] == 'text/scss':
self.stylesheets.append(ScssStylesheetAsset(self, url=f['url'], filename=f['filename'], inline=f['content'], media=f['media'], direction=self.user_direction))
elif f['atype'] == 'text/less':
self.stylesheets.append(LessStylesheetAsset(self, url=f['url'], filename=f['filename'], inline=f['content'], media=f['media'], direction=self.user_direction))
elif f['atype'] == 'text/css':
self.stylesheets.append(StylesheetAsset(self, url=f['url'], filename=f['filename'], inline=f['content'], media=f['media'], direction=self.user_direction))
elif f['atype'] == 'text/javascript':
self.javascripts.append(JavascriptAsset(self, url=f['url'], filename=f['filename'], inline=f['content']))
# depreciated and will remove after v11
def to_html(self, sep=None, css=True, js=True, debug=False, async_load=False, url_for=(lambda url: url)):
nodes = self.to_node(css=css, js=js, debug=debug, async_load=async_load)
if sep is None:
sep = u'\n '
response = []
for tagName, attributes, content in nodes:
html = u"<%s " % tagName
for name, value in attributes.items():
if value or isinstance(value, string_types):
html += u' %s="%s"' % (name, escape(to_text(value)))
if content is None:
html += u'/>'
html += u'>%s</%s>' % (escape(to_text(content)), tagName)
return sep + sep.join(response)
def to_node(self, css=True, js=True, debug=False, async_load=False):
:returns [(tagName, attributes, content)] if the tag is auto close
response = []
if debug == 'assets':
if css and self.stylesheets:
is_css_preprocessed, old_attachments = self.is_css_preprocessed()
if not is_css_preprocessed:
self.preprocess_css(debug=debug, old_attachments=old_attachments)
if self.css_errors:
msg = '\n'.join(self.css_errors)
response.append(JavascriptAsset(self, inline=self.dialog_message(msg)).to_node())
response.append(StylesheetAsset(self, url="/web/static/lib/bootstrap/css/bootstrap.css").to_node())
if not self.css_errors:
for style in self.stylesheets:
if js:
for jscript in self.javascripts:
if css and self.stylesheets:
css_attachments = self.css() or []
for attachment in css_attachments:
attr = OrderedDict([
["type", "text/css"],
["rel", "stylesheet"],
["href", attachment.url],
response.append(("link", attr, None))
if self.css_errors:
msg = '\n'.join(self.css_errors)
response.append(JavascriptAsset(self, inline=self.dialog_message(msg)).to_node())
if js and self.javascripts:
attr = OrderedDict([
["async", "async" if async_load else None],
["type", "text/javascript"],
["src", self.js().url],
response.append(("script", attr, None))
return response
def last_modified(self):
"""Returns last modified date of linked files"""
return max(itertools.chain(
(asset.last_modified for asset in self.javascripts),
(asset.last_modified for asset in self.stylesheets),
def version(self):
return self.checksum[0:7]
def checksum(self):
Not really a full checksum.
We compute a SHA1 on the rendered bundle + max linked files last_modified date
check = u"%s%s" % (json.dumps(self.files, sort_keys=True), self.last_modified)
return hashlib.sha1(check.encode('utf-8')).hexdigest()
def _get_asset_template_url(self):
return "/web/content/{id}-{unique}/{extra}{name}{page}{type}" # name contains inc
def _get_asset_url_values(self, id, unique, extra, name, page, type): # extra can contain direction or/and website
return {
'id': id,
'unique': unique,
'extra': extra,
'name': name,
'page': page,
'type': type,
def get_asset_url(self, id='%', unique='%', extra='', name='%', page='%', type='%'):
return self._get_asset_template_url().format(
**self._get_asset_url_values(id=id, unique=unique, extra=extra, name=name, page=page, type=type)
def clean_attachments(self, type):
""" Takes care of deleting any outdated ir.attachment records associated to a bundle before
saving a fresh one.
When `type` is css we need to check that we are deleting a different version (and not *any*
version) because css may be paginated and, therefore, may produce multiple attachments for
the same bundle's version.
When `type` is js we need to check that we are deleting a different version (and not *any*
version) because, as one of the creates in `save_attachment` can trigger a rollback, the
call to `clean_attachments ` is made at the end of the method in order to avoid the rollback
of an ir.attachment unlink (because we cannot rollback a removal on the filestore), thus we
must exclude the current bundle.
ira = self.env['ir.attachment']
url = self.get_asset_url(
extra='%s' % ('rtl/' if type == 'css' and self.user_direction == 'rtl' else ''),,
domain = [
('url', '=like', url),
'!', ('url', '=like', self.get_asset_url(unique=self.version))
# force bundle invalidation on other workers
return ira.sudo().search(domain).unlink()
def get_attachments(self, type, ignore_version=False):
""" Return the ir.attachment records for a given bundle. This method takes care of mitigating
an issue happening when parallel transactions generate the same bundle: while the file is not
duplicated on the filestore (as it is stored according to its hash), there are multiple
ir.attachment records referencing the same version of a bundle. As we don't want to source
multiple time the same bundle in our `to_html` function, we group our ir.attachment records
by file name and only return the one with the max id for each group.
unique = "%" if ignore_version else self.version
url_pattern = self.get_asset_url(
extra='%s' % ('rtl/' if type == 'css' and self.user_direction == 'rtl' else ''),,
page='.%' if type == 'css' else '',
type='.%s' % type
SELECT max(id)
FROM ir_attachment
WHERE create_uid = %s
AND url like %s
GROUP BY datas_fname
ORDER BY datas_fname
""", [SUPERUSER_ID, url_pattern])
attachment_ids = [r[0] for r in]
return self.env['ir.attachment'].sudo().browse(attachment_ids)
def save_attachment(self, type, content, inc=None):
assert type in ('js', 'css')
ira = self.env['ir.attachment']
# Set user direction in name to store two bundles
# 1 for ltr and 1 for rtl, this will help during cleaning of assets bundle
# and allow to only clear the current direction bundle
# (this applies to css bundles only)
fname = '%s%s.%s' % (,
('' if inc is None else '.%s' % inc),
mimetype = 'application/javascript' if type == 'js' else 'text/css'
values = {
'name': "/web/content/%s" % type,
'datas_fname': fname,
'mimetype': mimetype,
'res_model': 'ir.ui.view',
'res_id': False,
'type': 'binary',
'public': True,
'datas': base64.b64encode(content.encode('utf8')),
attachment = ira.sudo().create(values)
url = self.get_asset_url(,
extra='%s' % ('rtl/' if type == 'css' and self.user_direction == 'rtl' else ''),
page='', # included in fname
type='' # included in fname
values = {
'name': url,
'url': url,
if self.env.context.get('commit_assetsbundle') is True:
return attachment
def js(self):
attachments = self.get_attachments('js')
if not attachments:
content = ';\n'.join(asset.minify() for asset in self.javascripts)
return self.save_attachment('js', content)
return attachments[0]
def css(self):
attachments = self.get_attachments('css')
if not attachments:
# get css content
css = self.preprocess_css()
if self.css_errors:
return self.get_attachments('css', ignore_version=True)
# move up all @import rules to the top
matches = []
css = re.sub(self.rx_css_import, lambda matchobj: matches.append( and '', css)
css = u'\n'.join(matches)
# split for browser max file size and browser max expression
re_rules = '([^{]+\{(?:[^{}]|\{[^{}]*\})*\})'
re_selectors = '()(?:\s*@media\s*[^{]*\{)?(?:\s*(?:[^,{]*(?:,|\{(?:[^}]*\}))))'
page = []
pages = [page]
page_selectors = 0
for rule in re.findall(re_rules, css):
selectors = len(re.findall(re_selectors, rule))
if page_selectors + selectors <= self.max_css_rules:
page_selectors += selectors
page = pages[-1]
page_selectors = selectors
for idx, page in enumerate(pages):
self.save_attachment("css", ' '.join(page), inc=idx)
attachments = self.get_attachments('css')
return attachments
def dialog_message(self, message):
return """
(function (message) {
if (window.__assetsBundleErrorSeen) return;
window.__assetsBundleErrorSeen = true;
document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function () {
var alertTimeout = setTimeout(alert.bind(window, message), 0);
if (typeof odoo === "undefined") return;
odoo.define("AssetsBundle.ErrorMessage", function (require) {
"use strict";
var base = require("web_editor.base");
var core = require("web.core");
var Dialog = require("web.Dialog");
var _t = core._t;
base.ready().then(function () {
new Dialog(null, {
title: _t("Style error"),
$content: $("<div/>")
.append($("<p/>", {text: _t("The style compilation failed, see the error below. Your recent actions may be the cause, please try reverting the changes you made.")}))
.append($("<pre/>", {html: message})),
""" % message.replace('"', '\\"').replace('\n', '&NewLine;')
def is_css_preprocessed(self):
preprocessed = True
attachments = None
asset_types = [SassStylesheetAsset, ScssStylesheetAsset, LessStylesheetAsset]
if self.user_direction == 'rtl':
for atype in asset_types:
outdated = False
assets = dict((asset.html_url, asset) for asset in self.stylesheets if isinstance(asset, atype))
if assets:
assets_domain = [('url', 'in', list(assets.keys()))]
attachments = self.env['ir.attachment'].sudo().search(assets_domain)
for attachment in attachments:
asset = assets[attachment.url]
if asset.last_modified > attachment['__last_update']:
outdated = True
if asset._content is None:
asset._content = attachment.datas and base64.b64decode(attachment.datas).decode('utf8') or ''
if not asset._content and attachment.file_size > 0:
asset._content = None # file missing, force recompile
if any(asset._content is None for asset in assets.values()):
outdated = True
if outdated:
preprocessed = False
return preprocessed, attachments
def preprocess_css(self, debug=False, old_attachments=None):
Checks if the bundle contains any sass/less content, then compiles it to css.
If user language direction is Right to Left then consider css files to call run_rtlcss,
css files are also stored in ir.attachment after processing done by rtlcss.
Returns the bundle's flat css.
if self.stylesheets:
compiled = ""
for atype in (SassStylesheetAsset, ScssStylesheetAsset, LessStylesheetAsset):
assets = [asset for asset in self.stylesheets if isinstance(asset, atype)]
if assets:
source = '\n'.join([asset.get_source() for asset in assets])
compiled += self.compile_css(assets[0].compile, source)
# We want to run rtlcss on normal css, so merge it in compiled
if self.user_direction == 'rtl':
stylesheet_assets = [asset for asset in self.stylesheets if not isinstance(asset, (SassStylesheetAsset, ScssStylesheetAsset, LessStylesheetAsset))]
compiled += '\n'.join([asset.get_source() for asset in stylesheet_assets])
compiled = self.run_rtlcss(compiled)
if not self.css_errors and old_attachments:
old_attachments = None
fragments = self.rx_css_split.split(compiled)
at_rules = fragments.pop(0)
if at_rules:
# Sass and less moves @at-rules to the top in order to stay css 2.1 compatible
self.stylesheets.insert(0, StylesheetAsset(self, inline=at_rules))
while fragments:
asset_id = fragments.pop(0)
asset = next(asset for asset in self.stylesheets if == asset_id)
asset._content = fragments.pop(0)
if debug:
fname = os.path.basename(asset.url)
url = asset.html_url
if self.env.context.get('commit_assetsbundle') is True:
except psycopg2.Error:
return '\n'.join(asset.minify() for asset in self.stylesheets)
def compile_css(self, compiler, source):
"""Sanitizes @import rules, remove duplicates @import rules, then compile"""
imports = []
def handle_compile_error(e, source):
error = self.get_preprocessor_error(e, source=source)
return ''
def sanitize(matchobj):
ref =
line = '@import "%s"%s' % (ref,
if '.' not in ref and line not in imports and not ref.startswith(('.', '/', '~')):
return line
msg = "Local import '%s' is forbidden for security reasons. Please remove all @import {your_file} imports in your custom files. In Odoo you have to import all files in the assets, and not through the @import statement." % ref
return ''
source = re.sub(self.rx_preprocess_imports, sanitize, source)
compiled = ''
compiled = compiler(source)
except CompileError as e:
return handle_compile_error(e, source=source)
compiled = compiled.strip()
# Post process the produced css to add required vendor prefixes here
compiled = re.sub(r'(appearance: (\w+);)', r'-webkit-appearance: \2; -moz-appearance: \2; \1', compiled)
# Most of those are only useful for wkhtmltopdf (some for old PhantomJS)
compiled = re.sub(r'(display: ((?:inline-)?)flex((?: ?!important)?);)', r'display: -webkit-\2box\3; display: -webkit-\2flex\3; \1', compiled)
compiled = re.sub(r'(justify-content: flex-(\w+)((?: ?!important)?);)', r'-webkit-box-pack: \2\3; \1', compiled)
compiled = re.sub(r'(flex-flow: (\w+ \w+);)', r'-webkit-flex-flow: \2; \1', compiled)
compiled = re.sub(r'(flex-direction: (column);)', r'-webkit-box-orient: vertical; -webkit-box-direction: normal; -webkit-flex-direction: \2; \1', compiled)
compiled = re.sub(r'(flex-wrap: (\w+);)', r'-webkit-flex-wrap: \2; \1', compiled)
compiled = re.sub(r'(flex: ((\d)+ \d+ (?:\d+|auto));)', r'-webkit-box-flex: \3; -webkit-flex: \2; \1', compiled)
return compiled
def run_rtlcss(self, source):
rtlcss = 'rtlcss'
if == 'nt':
rtlcss = misc.find_in_path('rtlcss.cmd')
except IOError:
rtlcss = 'rtlcss'
cmd = [rtlcss, '-']
rtlcss = Popen(cmd, stdin=PIPE, stdout=PIPE, stderr=PIPE)
except Exception:
# Check the presence of rtlcss, if rtlcss not available then we should return normal less file
process = Popen(
['rtlcss', '--version'], stdout=PIPE, stderr=PIPE
except (OSError, IOError):
_logger.warning('You need to convert css file to right to left compatiblity. Use: npm install -g rtlcss')
return source
msg = "Could not execute command %r" % cmd[0]
return ''
result = rtlcss.communicate(input=source.encode('utf-8'))
if rtlcss.returncode:
cmd_output = ''.join(misc.ustr(result))
if not cmd_output:
cmd_output = "Process exited with return code %d\n" % rtlcss.returncode
error = self.get_rtlcss_error(cmd_output, source=source)
return ''
rtlcss_result = result[0].strip().decode('utf8')
return rtlcss_result
def get_preprocessor_error(self, stderr, source=None):
"""Improve and remove sensitive information from sass/less compilator error messages"""
error = misc.ustr(stderr).split('Load paths')[0].replace(' Use --trace for backtrace.', '')
if 'Cannot load compass' in error:
error += "Maybe you should install the compass gem using this extra argument:\n\n" \
" $ sudo gem install compass --pre\n"
error += "This error occured while compiling the bundle '%s' containing:" %
for asset in self.stylesheets:
if isinstance(asset, PreprocessedCSS):
error += '\n - %s' % (asset.url if asset.url else '<inline sass>')
return error
def get_rtlcss_error(self, stderr, source=None):
"""Improve and remove sensitive information from sass/less compilator error messages"""
error = misc.ustr(stderr).split('Load paths')[0].replace(' Use --trace for backtrace.', '')
error += "This error occured while compiling the bundle '%s' containing:" %
return error
class WebAsset(object):
html_url_format = '%s'
_content = None
_filename = None
_ir_attach = None
_id = None
def __init__(self, bundle, inline=None, url=None, filename=None):
self.bundle = bundle
self.inline = inline
self._filename = filename
self.url = url
self.html_url_args = url
if not inline and not url:
raise Exception("An asset should either be inlined or url linked, defined in bundle '%s'" %
def id(self):
if self._id is None: self._id = str(uuid.uuid4())
return self._id
def name(self):
name = '<inline asset>' if self.inline else self.url
return "%s defined in bundle '%s'" % (name,
def html_url(self):
return self.html_url_format % self.html_url_args
def stat(self):
if not (self.inline or self._filename or self._ir_attach):
path = (segment for segment in self.url.split('/') if segment)
self._filename = get_resource_path(*path)
if self._filename:
# Test url against ir.attachments
attach = self.bundle.env['ir.attachment'].sudo().get_serve_attachment(self.url)
self._ir_attach = attach[0]
except Exception:
raise AssetNotFound("Could not find %s" %
# depreciated and will remove after v11
def to_html(self):
tagName, attributes, content = self.to_node()
html = u"<%s " % tagName
for name, value in attributes.items():
if value or isinstance(value, string_types):
html += u' %s="%s"' % (name, escape(to_text(value)))
if content is None:
html += u'/>'
html += u'>%s</%s>' % (escape(to_text(content)), tagName)
return html
def to_node(self):
raise NotImplementedError()
def last_modified(self):
if self._filename:
return datetime.fromtimestamp(os.path.getmtime(self._filename))
elif self._ir_attach:
return self._ir_attach['__last_update']
except Exception:
return datetime(1970, 1, 1)
def content(self):
if self._content is None:
self._content = self.inline or self._fetch_content()
return self._content
def _fetch_content(self):
""" Fetch content from file or database"""
if self._filename:
with open(self._filename, 'rb') as fp:
return base64.b64decode(self._ir_attach['datas']).decode('utf-8')
except UnicodeDecodeError:
raise AssetError('%s is not utf-8 encoded.' %
except IOError:
raise AssetNotFound('File %s does not exist.' %
raise AssetError('Could not get content for %s.' %
def minify(self):
return self.content
def with_header(self, content=None):
if content is None:
content = self.content
return '\n/* %s */\n%s' % (, content)
class JavascriptAsset(WebAsset):
def minify(self):
return self.with_header(rjsmin(self.content))
def _fetch_content(self):
return super(JavascriptAsset, self)._fetch_content()
except AssetError as e:
return u"console.error(%s);" % json.dumps(to_text(e))
def to_node(self):
if self.url:
return ("script", OrderedDict([
["type", "text/javascript"],
["src", self.html_url],
]), None)
return ("script", OrderedDict([
["type", "text/javascript"],
["charset", "utf-8"],
]), self.with_header())
class StylesheetAsset(WebAsset):
rx_import = re.compile(r"""@import\s+('|")(?!'|"|/|https?://)""", re.U)
rx_url = re.compile(r"""url\s*\(\s*('|"|)(?!'|"|/|https?://|data:)""", re.U)
rx_sourceMap = re.compile(r'(/\*# sourceMappingURL=.*)', re.U)
rx_charset = re.compile(r'(@charset "[^"]+";)', re.U)
def __init__(self, *args, **kw): = kw.pop('media', None)
self.direction = kw.pop('direction', None)
super(StylesheetAsset, self).__init__(*args, **kw)
if self.direction == 'rtl' and self.url:
self.html_url_args = self.url.rsplit('.', 1)
self.html_url_format = '%%s/%s/%s.%%s' % ('rtl',
self.html_url_args = tuple(self.html_url_args)
def content(self):
content = super(StylesheetAsset, self).content
content = '@media %s { %s }' % (, content)
return content
def _fetch_content(self):
content = super(StylesheetAsset, self)._fetch_content()
web_dir = os.path.dirname(self.url)
if self.rx_import:
content = self.rx_import.sub(
r"""@import \1%s/""" % (web_dir,),
if self.rx_url:
content = self.rx_url.sub(
r"url(\1%s/" % (web_dir,),
if self.rx_charset:
# remove charset declarations, we only support utf-8
content = self.rx_charset.sub('', content)
return content
except AssetError as e:
return ''
def get_source(self):
content = self.inline or self._fetch_content()
return "/*! %s */\n%s" % (, content)
def minify(self):
# remove existing sourcemaps, make no sense after re-mini
content = self.rx_sourceMap.sub('', self.content)
# comments
content = re.sub(r'/\*.*?\*/', '', content, flags=re.S)
# space
content = re.sub(r'\s+', ' ', content)
content = re.sub(r' *([{}]) *', r'\1', content)
return self.with_header(content)
def to_node(self):
if self.url:
attr = OrderedDict([
["type", "text/css"],
["rel", "stylesheet"],
["href", self.html_url],
["media", escape(to_text( if else None]
return ("link", attr, None)
attr = OrderedDict([
["type", "text/css"],
["media", escape(to_text( if else None]
return ("style", attr, self.with_header())
class PreprocessedCSS(StylesheetAsset):
rx_import = None
def __init__(self, *args, **kw):
super(PreprocessedCSS, self).__init__(*args, **kw)
self.html_url_args = tuple(self.url.rsplit('/', 1))
self.html_url_format = '%%s/%s%s/%%s.css' % ('rtl/' if self.direction == 'rtl' else '',
def get_command(self):
raise NotImplementedError
def compile(self, source):
command = self.get_command()
compiler = Popen(command, stdin=PIPE, stdout=PIPE,
except Exception:
raise CompileError("Could not execute command %r" % command[0])
(out, err) = compiler.communicate(input=source.encode('utf-8'))
if compiler.returncode:
cmd_output = misc.ustr(out) + misc.ustr(err)
if not cmd_output:
cmd_output = u"Process exited with return code %d\n" % compiler.returncode
raise CompileError(cmd_output)
return out.decode('utf8')
class SassStylesheetAsset(PreprocessedCSS):
rx_indent = re.compile(r'^( +|\t+)', re.M)
indent = None
reindent = ' '
def minify(self):
return self.with_header()
def get_source(self):
content = textwrap.dedent(self.inline or self._fetch_content())
def fix_indent(m):
# Indentation normalization
ind =
if self.indent is None:
self.indent = ind
if self.indent == self.reindent:
# Don't reindent the file if identation is the final one (reindent)
raise StopIteration()
return ind.replace(self.indent, self.reindent)
content = self.rx_indent.sub(fix_indent, content)
except StopIteration:
return "/*! %s */\n%s" % (, content)
def get_command(self):
sass = misc.find_in_path('sass')
except IOError:
sass = 'sass'
return [sass, '--stdin', '-t', 'compressed', '--unix-newlines', '--compass',
'-r', 'bootstrap-sass']
class ScssStylesheetAsset(PreprocessedCSS):
def bootstrap_path(self):
return get_resource_path('web', 'static', 'lib', 'bootstrap', 'scss')
precision = 8
output_style = 'expanded'
def compile(self, source):
if libsass is None:
return super(ScssStylesheetAsset, self).compile(source)
return libsass.compile(
except libsass.CompileError as e:
raise CompileError(e.args[0])
def get_command(self):
sassc = misc.find_in_path('sassc')
except IOError:
sassc = 'sassc'
return [sassc, '--stdin', '--precision', str(self.precision), '--load-path', self.bootstrap_path, '-t', self.output_style]
class LessStylesheetAsset(PreprocessedCSS):
def get_command(self):
if == 'nt':
lessc = misc.find_in_path('lessc.cmd')
lessc = misc.find_in_path('lessc')
except IOError:
lessc = 'lessc'
lesspath = get_resource_path('web', 'static', 'lib', 'bootstrap', 'less')
return [lessc, '-', '--no-js', '--no-color', '--include-path=%s' % lesspath]