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[IMP] mail: adding database name in the url of company logo

In the mail templates, when the logo of the company is needed, by default,
we use the route <domain_name>/logo.

In some cases the system does not manage to "guess" which DB or company to use
and this gives the default Odoo logo which can be problematic.

In this commit, we're adding database name as a parameter in logo url to overcome this issue.

Task-ID: 1889370
Closes : #31772
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kma-odoo authored and mba-odoo committed Mar 11, 2019
1 parent 7c68d2a commit 2385460db175b903dbdf803d7b6f95fbaf2686d5
Showing with 5 additions and 0 deletions.
  1. +5 −0 addons/mail/models/
@@ -460,7 +460,12 @@ def _sub_relative2absolute(match):
_sub_relative2absolute.base_url = self.env["ir.config_parameter"].sudo().get_param("web.base.url")
return + urls.url_join(_sub_relative2absolute.base_url,

def _sub_add_dbname(match):
# adding database name to logo url
return + + ("&dbname=" if '?' in else "?dbname=") +

_sub_relative2absolute.base_url = base_url
html = re.sub(r"""(<img(?=\s)[^>]*\ssrc=")(/(web/binary/company_logo|logo|logo.png)(?!.*dbname)[^\"]+)""", _sub_add_dbname, html)
html = re.sub(r"""(<img(?=\s)[^>]*\ssrc=")(/[^/][^"]+)""", _sub_relative2absolute, html)
html = re.sub(r"""(<a(?=\s)[^>]*\shref=")(/[^/][^"]+)""", _sub_relative2absolute, html)
html = re.sub(r"""(<[^>]+\bstyle="[^"]+\burl\('?)(/[^/'][^'")]+)""", _sub_relative2absolute, html)

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