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[FIX] hr_holidays: Wrong computation of leave duration

When all days in a calendar don't have the same schedule, it's wrong
to compute the leave duration with the average working time hour per day.

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simongoffin committed Dec 6, 2018
1 parent 8a0e42e commit 2921a5319e893a0439671259223829910b825213
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@@ -363,7 +363,8 @@ def _compute_number_of_days_display(self):
def _compute_number_of_hours_display(self):
for holiday in self:
calendar = holiday.employee_id.resource_calendar_id or self.env.user.company_id.resource_calendar_id
holiday.number_of_hours_display = holiday.number_of_days * (calendar.hours_per_day or HOURS_PER_DAY)
number_of_hours = calendar.get_work_hours_count(self.date_from, self.date_to)
holiday.number_of_hours_display = number_of_hours or (holiday.number_of_days * HOURS_PER_DAY)
@api.depends('state', 'employee_id', 'department_id')

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