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[IMP] mrp: allow create component in demo

This commit ticks the 'Create component lot' checkbox for
the demo manufacturing operation type of first warehouse.
This change will leave the default behaviour for all warehouses
but tests with demo data are now more straightforward and do
not demand too much parametrization

Task : 1970450
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Whenrow committed Apr 17, 2019
1 parent 8c402ca commit 2f38098683bc0f0ffdf674ae8c092f15ade3a4bd
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  1. +15 −0 addons/mrp/data/mrp_demo.xml
@@ -722,5 +722,20 @@
<value eval="[ref('mrp.mrp_production_laptop_cust')]"/>

<!-- set 'create component' as True for the demo manufacturing picking while
leaving the default value to False -->
<function model="" name="_update_xmlids">
<value model="base" eval="[{
'xml_id': 'mrp.manufacturing_picking_type',
'record': obj().env.ref('stock.warehouse0').manu_type_id,
'noupdate': True,

<record id="manufacturing_picking_type" model="stock.picking.type">
<field name="use_create_components_lots">True</field>


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