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[FIX] account_voucher: round globally

- Enable multi-currency. Company currency = USD, another currency = SGD
- Update the exchange rate
- Create a purchase journal. Assign SGD to this journal
- Create a purchase tax of 7.00 %
- Enable tax rounding globally
- Create a purchase receipt with the following values
  62.04 @ 7% tax
  7.29 @ 7% tax

An error occurs: 'Cannot create unbalanced journal entry.'

Each line of the receipt creates its own tax line, which is therefore
rounded => the total of the receipt is computed with a 'round globally'
configuration, while the taxes are computed with a 'round per line'

This is because `apply_taxes=True` is set in the context. This creates
the tax line by forcing the rounding. Therefore, we call the method
`_apply_taxes` explicitly in this specific case, and manually round the
taxes once they are merged.


closes #31194
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nim-odoo committed Feb 18, 2019
1 parent cece883 commit 3e147220fd3b410ad8b530daccff5f697e1749c6
Showing with 32 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +32 −1 addons/account_voucher/models/
@@ -291,6 +291,8 @@ def voucher_move_line_create(self, line_total, move_id, company_currency, curren
:return: Tuple build as (remaining amount not allocated on voucher lines, list of account_move_line created in this method)
:rtype: tuple(float, list of int)
tax_calculation_rounding_method = self.env.user.company_id.tax_calculation_rounding_method
tax_lines_vals = []
for line in self.line_ids:
#create one move line per voucher line where amount is not 0.0
if not line.price_subtotal:
@@ -318,7 +320,36 @@ def voucher_move_line_create(self, line_total, move_id, company_currency, curren
'currency_id': company_currency != current_currency and current_currency or False,
'payment_id': self._context.get('payment_id'),
# When global rounding is activated, we must wait until all tax lines are computed to
# merge them.
if tax_calculation_rounding_method == 'round_globally':
tax_lines_vals += self.env['account.move.line'].with_context(round=False)._apply_taxes(
move_line.get('debit', 0.0) - move_line.get('credit', 0.0)

# When round globally is set, we merge the tax lines
if tax_calculation_rounding_method == 'round_globally':
tax_lines_vals_merged = {}
for tax_line_vals in tax_lines_vals:
key = (
if key not in tax_lines_vals_merged:
tax_lines_vals_merged[key] = tax_line_vals
tax_lines_vals_merged[key]['debit'] += tax_line_vals['debit']
tax_lines_vals_merged[key]['credit'] += tax_line_vals['credit']
currency = self.env['res.currency'].browse(company_currency)
for vals in tax_lines_vals_merged.values():
vals['debit'] = currency.round(vals['debit'])
vals['credit'] = currency.round(vals['credit'])
return line_total


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