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[IMP] mail, crm, mass_mailing : reset bounce on mail reception

The number of message bouce is incremented each time the email bounce
on a specific email address. To have a correct information, we should
reset to zero this counter if we receive a mail from this address.
Indeed, if we receive an email from an email address, this email is
active and the message bounce number (if > 0) is not relevant anymore.

Also, add a check in autoblacklist rule. No need to check the stats
if message_bounce is < 5.

Task ID : 1893155
This taks is also related with Task ID : 33224,
especially the autoblacklist rule part.

Closes PR #27885
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dbeguin authored and tde-banana-odoo committed Oct 12, 2018
1 parent 3afac88 commit 44f39db6ffc88c4f763fed6dd8dc5809b1460456
Showing with 46 additions and 0 deletions.
  1. +45 −0 addons/mail/models/
  2. +1 −0 addons/mass_mailing/models/
@@ -1152,6 +1152,9 @@ def message_route(self, message, message_dict, model=None, thread_id=None, custo
self._routing_handle_bounce(message, message_dict)
return []

# If this is not a bounce, it's a real new mail, so can reset bounce counter
self._routing_reset_bounce(message, message_dict)

# 1.1 Handle forward to an alias with a different model: do not consider it as a reply
if reply_model and reply_thread_id:
other_alias =[
@@ -1280,6 +1283,33 @@ def _routing_handle_bounce(self, email_message, message_dict):'Routing mail from %s to %s with Message-Id %s: not routing bounce email.',
message_dict['email_from'], message_dict['to'], message_dict['message_id'])

def _routing_reset_bounce(self, email_message, message_dict):
"""Called by ``message_process`` when a new mail is received from an email address.
If the email is related to a partner, we consider that the number of message_bounce
is not relevant anymore as the email is valid - as we received an email from this
address. The model is here hardcoded because we cannot know with which model the
incomming mail match. We consider that if a mail arrives, we have to clear bounce for
each model having bounce count.
:param email_from: email address that sent the incoming email."""
valid_email = message_dict['email_from']
if valid_email:
bl_models = self.env['ir.model'].sudo().search(['&', ('is_mail_blacklist', '=', True), ('model', '!=', 'mail.blacklist.mixin')])
for model in bl_models:
self.env[model.model].sudo().search([('email_normalized', '=', valid_email)])._message_reset_bounce(valid_email)

def _get_records_from_email(self, email):
normalized_email = tools.email_normalize(email)
if normalized_email:
query = """SELECT
FROM %s as model
WHERE model.email_normalized = %%s""" % self._table
self._cr.execute(query, [normalized_email])
results = self._cr.fetchall()
return self.browse([result[0] for result in results])
return []

def message_route_process(self, message, message_dict, routes):
self = self.with_context(attachments_mime_plainxml=True) # import XML attachments as text
@@ -1462,6 +1492,21 @@ def _message_receive_bounce(self, email, partner):
:param string email: email that caused the bounce """

def _message_reset_bounce(self, email):
"""Called by ``message_process`` when a bounce email (such as Undelivered
Mail Returned to Sender) is received for an existing thread. The default
behavior is to check is an integer ``message_bounce`` column exists.
If it is the case, its content is incremented.
:param mail_id: ID of the sent email that bounced. It may not exist anymore
but it could be usefull if the information was kept. This is
used notably in mass mailing.
:param RecordSet partner: partner matching the bounced email address, if any
:param string email: email that caused the bounce """
if 'message_bounce' in self._fields:
self.message_bounce = 0

def _message_extract_payload_postprocess(self, message, payload_dict):
""" Perform some cleaning / postprocess in the body and attachments
extracted from the email. Note that this processing is specific to the
@@ -52,6 +52,7 @@ def _routing_handle_bounce(self, email_message, message_dict):
bounced_email = message_dict['bounced_email']
bounced_msg_id = message_dict['bounced_msg_id']

# if self.message_bounce >= 5:
if bounced_msg_id:
if bounced_email:

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