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[IMP] web_editor: rework background-sizing option

Previously, background size and position for snippets was configured in
a modal, the user could choose a "focus point", which is rather
unintuitive. They could also choose to use the "contain" background
mode, with or without repeat, or a third option, where they could
customize everything, from the background size in both directions to
whether to repeat the background in only one or in both directions.

This commit streamlines the background-sizing options, only the "cover"
and "repeat pattern" options have been kept, as they cover almost every
use case. Their configuration has been moved into the options menu for
consistency with the rest of the editor, and the background's position
is now chosen by clicking on the corresponding menu option, and dragging
the background to the desired place.
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sdegueldre authored and qsm-odoo committed Oct 24, 2019
1 parent fb4ce01 commit 454ba9f02626e8347e3a1ffa0ce3e13480f4c89b

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