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[IMP] Website_sale_stock: Usability changes.

	Label Changes:
	1) Default Mode > Mode
	2) Default Threshold > Threshold and change message string
	Task : 1913031
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jir-odoo committed Mar 13, 2019
1 parent c2a2762 commit 47f237fa0c5c1d1647a20ccaac7c178a946c9884
@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ class ResConfigSettings(models.TransientModel):
inventory_availability = fields.Selection([
('never', 'Sell regardless of inventory'),
('always', 'Show inventory on website and prevent sales if not enough stock'),
('threshold', 'Show inventory below a threshold and prevent sales if not enough stock'),
('threshold', 'Show inventory when below the threshold and prevent sales if not enough stock'),
('custom', 'Show product-specific notifications'),
], string='Inventory Availability', default='never')
available_threshold = fields.Float(string='Availability Threshold')
@@ -17,11 +17,11 @@
<field name="warehouse_id"/>
<div class="row mt16" title="Default availability mode set on newly created storable products. This can be changed at the product level.">
<label for="inventory_availability" string="Default Mode" class="col-lg-3 o_light_label" />
<label for="inventory_availability" string="Mode" class="col-lg-3 o_light_label" />
<field name="inventory_availability" string="Inventory"/>
<div class="row" attrs="{'invisible': [('inventory_availability', '!=', 'threshold')]}">
<label for="available_threshold" string="Default threshold" class="col-lg-3 o_light_label" />
<label for="available_threshold" string="Threshold" class="col-lg-3 o_light_label" />
<field name="available_threshold" class="oe_inline" attrs="{'required': [('inventory_availability', '=', 'threshold')]}"/>

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