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[ADD] forgotten file

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jco-odoo committed Mar 27, 2019
1 parent 70e637c commit 48b5133b468f898e13e54e8eba3152588c2b8960
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  1. +7 −0 addons/l10n_ca/views/report_invoice.xml
@@ -0,0 +1,7 @@
<template id="l10n_ca_report_invoice_document_inherit" inherit_id="account.report_invoice_document">
<span t-field="o.partner_id.vat" position="after">
<t t-if="o.company_id.country_id.code == 'CA' and o.partner_id.l10n_ca_pst" class="mt16"><br/>PST: <span t-field="o.partner_id.l10n_ca_pst"/></t>

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